Wednesday, February 21, 2018

DisUnity in the U.S.

The DACA’s in this country want legal status, and neither the Republicans or the Democrats can come to an agreement. When the Democrats had both houses, Obama failed to address the issue. The same is true with the Republicans in power.

Neither side wants the party in power to get credit for anything. It is not a matter of whether it is good for the country. The minority party wants the party in power to fail in their platform promises to the voters. It’s all about votes.

On TV, put two opposing views on camera at the same time, its like dropping a cat and a dog into a potato sack, the results are predictable.

The Russians have been accused of messing around with our elections, and it is almost laughable. They were not interested in who won the election, they just wanted to create more disharmony with our institutions and the voters. That is pretty light weight stuff, considering what Hollywood and CNN are doing. When everyone was so positive that the Russian had interfered with the election I was mystified. What were they doing? Now we know, real stupid stuff that most people didn’t give a damn about.

We have half of the population mixing illegal immigrants with legal and considering them one group that want, open borders. The other group wants to get rid of the illegal ones but they are considered racists for their beliefs. The fact that some countries are considered “Shit Holes,” strikes a chord of “how dare anyone be politically incorrect?” Building a wall seems a tad bit logical in addressing the problem

The same mess with gun control, only this group isn’t split along the same lines as the immigrant problem. The false assumption is that government can by passing laws, control the problem. Criminals do not buy their guns at gun stores. They look for an NRA sticker on your pick up or something similar and visit your home while you are at work. Passing laws against legally buying a gun might stop some people, from a purchase, but seldom discourage a person who wanted one. The real problem with guns that is never mentioned is alcohol. Mix the two and you could end up in jail forever for doing something extremely stupid. Revenge is satisfying for a fleeting moment, but once the finality of your actions are realized, it is too late to do anything to change it back.

In this country some people expect government to protect every aspect of their life and others in a like manner, want government to leave them alone. Harmony is balance of the two. IMHO the Democrats and Obama went too far, and now they are more than sore losers, they are sore haters. And surprisingly the news media went with them. Now we have an abstract label for it called the “Deep State.” Also, another abstract label is “the far left” which is inclusive of our educational institutions. And then there is just very general vulgar name calling of our President. A complete lack of respect for the office.

It’s a sad time for our country, if you cannot show respect, you deserve none yourself. Respect for other people’s beliefs, dreams and Ideal as well as respect for our leaders is expected. It’s the fiber that holds this nation together.

The lecture is over, it looks as if the economy is improving. We are moving out of The Great Depression II (I hope).

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Our sick baby dog survives with help from my wife

Not much on Economics and death and destruction for the week. Hopefully our success in helping our small dog "Lucky" survive may entertain and possibly help save someone else’s pet.

We got a small sheltie dog in September and he was doing OK for a few weeks. We were feeding him canned dog food and he loved it. And then the pup stopped eating. When we got him, he was almost 2 pounds at 8 weeks. All of a sudden, he stopped eating and had diarrhea and started going downhill. We would feed him a bunch of ham and he would throw it up two hours later. We gave him back to the breeder for a week and he could do nothing with the mother in the cage. We took him back and he kept losing more weight. He got down to 1 lb 4 oz and we took him in to the vet for an IV and he perked up a bit. The next day he was staggering so we had the vet give him a subcutaneous injection under the skin and that kind of picked him up a bit. My wife and I were going nuts watching the dog die. I went down and bought some Gerber’s baby food and if I remember, it was puree chicken and a can of sweet potatoes. We mixed it together with goat’s milk and the dog wouldn’t touch it. My wife decided to force feed the dog with a small syringe forcing his mouth open. We gave the little devil about 9 mls every 4 hours round the clock. After 4 days, he started eating the gruel we were forcing him to eat.

Needless to say, he was a Gerber baby for the next three months, about the fourth month we got him to start eating kibbles. He is six pounds now. He can chew the shoe laces off a pair of sneakers in two hours.

I kind of just threw this out there, my root canal article from several years ago, still has people adding their comments to it and maybe this may help someone else in the same situation, with a pet that needs help. This may be the info they need.

Lucky says "ARF" "ARF"

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Hyperbolic Moral Indignation of the Democrats Towards President Trump

I cannot understand the fiery rage of Democrats over the Trump election. I had no rage over Obama being elected. I didn’t like what he did, but I didn’t stand on a street corner denouncing him with every Anglo-Saxon curse word in the books, for a whole year.

Trump’s rescinding of previous Presidential directives has given new life to areas of our economy that were over regulated by the EPA. Southern ranchers stood up to the EPA for new grazing charges for range land that they had used for over a 100 years. The judge just recently threw the charges out that the bureaucrats at the EPA tried to enforce. Most people don’t understand that most of our laws are created by some bureaucrat working in an agency. Whether it is just or unjust has to be determined by a court of law. As we all know, that can take a lot of time and money. This person in that office, has all of the resources at their command to enforce the laws it created.

Trump is not really a politician. But that is a good thing. BS is not something that you want to push with him. The country is starting to move in a positive direction. Most of the media will belittle that fact and magnify Trumps latest impropriety. Many of the TV channels devoted to the Democrats have been magnifying what they perceive as Trumps ineptitude.

I kind of get the feeling that the Democrats don’t believe the election is over yet. By hook or by crook, they want a Democrat in the White House. Trump has not violated any laws and is being called names that are so school-yard-ish, that they are laughable. The Republicans won the Presidency, and are being punished for winning. The Democrats in both houses oppose any legislation that was part of the Republican platform for election. The move by Democrats to impeach Trump for winning the election smacks of treason.

Many people in the US today have a very absurd interpretation of what Democracy is. “I can do what I want and other people be damned,” or “I can protest until I get my way.” It just doesn’t work that way. Democracy is like a woven cloth or a team of horses with a shared purpose.

The basics of compromise that kept the country running efficiently are gone. 20 trillion in debt, the Pied Piper could present his bill at any time and “we the people,” cannot pay it. I think this is why many Congressmen are quitting, they see the handwriting on the wall. The shear frustration of the stubbornness in Congress; “my way or the highway,” or the phone call threats on their families.

Trump’s has informed the Democrats that the Socialism orgy is over and I’m sure they are not happy. The Democrat's platform appears to be for big business, big money and Socialism for the masses. Trump on the other hand, is for the guy on the street and jobs. Somewhere, Somehow, the two parties switched political platforms. The press has called President Trump every name in the book except one; “A filthy rich Democrat with a knock out wife.” IMHO he is one—his only flaw, he lacks the corruption baggage. I believe he wants to go down in history as a pragmatist that solved quite a few problems. Let’s see if he will be given the chance.