Monday, March 05, 2018

Gun Ownership

You want to buy a gun. Well by god, you had better fill out all of the required paper work and go through a background check. And then you get the gun of your choice. Everyone upon turning legal age, has the right to purchase a weapon if they have not yet committed a crime.

Of course, if your dad bought a gun or two, the kids don’t need to register to get their hands on the weapon if they want to use it.

If Grandpa dies with several nice weapons, grandma could sell them to a gun dealer at about 20 cents on the dollar or go out and find friends of her husband that would want to own them at a reasonable price. The unrealized condition here is that this gun is worth far more money to any gun purchaser because it is untraceable at this point.

The real problem I see is a rifle that can shoot more than 6 rounds. If you are stupid enough to unleash 20 rounds at neighbors during civil unrest, guess what they will do? They will burn your house down with you in it. Shotguns tend to more of a deterrent to violence, for the main reason, you don’t have to be a good shot, you’ll rarely discharge it.

I wonder how many of the gun records show people over the age of 100 still owning guns? Kind of makes you wonder what happens to those guns after the person dies. It looks like the kids inherit the weapons. Sadly, there is nothing the state can do to control the passage of guns to next of kin at death.

I would be for banning hand guns. A couple of drinks and you could end up in jail for life. Same for Assault rifles. Our youth tends to learn this the hard way. But shotguns and regular rifles for hunting game with up to a six-load magazine capacity seem acceptable for just about anyone I can think of.

Two things we need to look at. Why do we need semi-automatic rifles? Animals do not shoot back. And second, if you missed it with the firsts shot, does that mean the target may shoot back? If the answer is yes, then you can pretty well determine that the hunter and the hunted were both human. That’s why some shooters need the better rifle and more ammunition. More ammunition takes into account that they are a piss poor shot. The big lesson overlooked here, this shooter is someone who wants enough ammunition that they can kill you after you run out of ammunition. Not sure how you weed this person out of society.

The sad thing to realized is that there is no real effective legislative control of the gun user.

I do think that there should be a move to eliminate military ammunition that can be used in rifles and get rid of clip loading rifles. None of us that buys a gun to protect our family wants a round that will go through two homes before it stops.

What we need to define is Military and Civilian weapons, they are not one and the same. And of course, I have always defined our right to bear arms as those that were in effect in 1789. Ever try to hold up a store with a flint lock pistol?


AIM said...


Boy do I DISAGREE with you BIG TIME about banning hand guns. No one is going to take away my right to have handguns in my home in order to protect myself and my family in the event that some sociopath, violent intruder breaks into my house with the intention of maiming, rape or murder.

I will always have handguns, rifle and shotgun to protect myself and loved ones at all distances. No one, and especially not our corrupt joke of a government, will ever take away by ability to protect myself.

Assault weapons? Not an issue to me since I don't plan on going up against law enforcement or the military.

Jim in San Marcos said...


Sorry that I didn't really convey my real feelings.

I didn't have an opinion on guns in general. I was more or less pointing out how the gun laws are really meaningless, and control nothing.

I sleep walk, and have nearly been shot twice while visiting overnight and on one occasion nearly run through with a fencing foil.

If your pointing a hand gun at someone less than 3 feet away from you, there is a good chance they could grab the gun. The only option at that point is to pull the trigger.

For the money a Remington shotgun and two boxes of 12x shells is in most peoples budget (about $250). And you don't have to be a good shot either.

Guns have a place, but I have never had the urge to pick up one since Viet Nam. The smell of fired rounds gives me nightmares.

AIM said...

In certain circumstances a shotgun would be difficult to access and unwieldy. A handgun works better when there is an element of surprise or you need instant access. Plus, you'll most likely never hear again if you fire a shotgun inside a room.

When living in LA I woke up in the middle of the night to find a man standing in the door of my bedroom. Fortunately for me, my .357 magnum was in my hand and ready to go before my feet hit the floor. By the time my wife woke up and wondered what all the noise was all about and where I was... the guy was out the front door and gone, and we were both safe and sound. (I chased him downstairs, cornered him in the living room, and then walked him to the front door and kicked him out. Told him that if he ever tried that again he'd find himself either in Heaven, or the other place. I decided not to hold him and call 911 and wait an hour for LA's Finest to show up because if he rushed me or tried to escape I'd have to shoot him. I thought it was better for all involved to just send him packing.) If anyone tries to take my guns away, government, law enforcement or whomever... I will shoot them.)

Anonymous said...


I disagree with your articles assessment of guns. The civilians are the unorganized militia, and have protected this country for hundreds of years. There was a reason we were not invaded during the last world war, and it was not because of our military. Many of them were overseas at the time.

Californians are foolish, in my opinion, for drawing up laws to disarm themselves. A discussion of guns should not even be a topic. It was made a topic by those who would benefit from our disarmament.

China loves that you want to give up your guns. Perhaps they can send you a peace pin with a “Made in China” sticker, and you can pin it to your wall. You can look at it when they invade during the next world war.

We do need a discussion of mental health in this country, but that is a different topic.

Meanwhile, if you want to talk about gun control, research the topic first, and not from the mainstream media either. You have a lot to learn.