Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Idiots in the News Media

Trump while campaigning, raised about 6 million dollars in pledges for our veterans. Some of the pledgers might have had a bit too much to drink or were absorbed in their own self-importance and over pledged what they were willing to deliver. So the totals don’t quite match up. But realistically that’s the way it goes in most pledge drives. The heart is willing but the wallet or wife isn’t.

ABC news announcer got labeled a sleaze by Trump for pressing the issue of who received checks and the Washington Post was demanding a list of recipients. Here is a guy that raises 6 million dollars while running for President in the Republican primary. He’s not fund raising for himself. Why would you accuse him of not distributing the funds considering what he accomplished for the same organization in 2015?

And then we have Hillary Clinton saying;
she was glad that Trump had given out the promised money.
"The problem here is the difference between what Donald Trump says and what Donald Trump does," Clinton said. "He's bragged for months about raising $6 million for vets and donating $1 million himself, but it took a reporter to shame him into actually making the contribution."

This woman leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I’ll bet she has the same complaint with "Blowjob" Bill her husband.

What ever happened to giving credit to someone who does something great for others? What is the incentive to do it again if the media accuses you of false promises and skepticism for what you have accomplished?

Something is wrong with the news media, they expect us to be trained monkeys programed to their mindset. They are the fools, I'm tired of listening to their impression of what they think reality is.

Their perceptions don't fit into the real world. Of course I'm just one person, but someone that can raise 6 million while he's doing something else, is better than any politician.

Maybe the news sources are treating Trump like every other politician that they have covered. They are not worth a damn, maybe that's what makes Trump DIFFERENT.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Venezuelan Solution to Bankruptcy

Just reading a bit of news about the dire predicament Venezuela is in. Their currency is in shambles and there are riots in the streets. Somebody suggested that the country adopt the US dollar as currency of the realm. The reason being, their government and the politicians can't print American dollars. It kind of works for all the wrong reasons.

Maybe there is a lesson for us in there somewhere. Socialism fails when you run out of “Other people’s money.”

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Federal Bureaucracy "Writes our laws"

After a government edict, bathrooms will have to cater to the sexes differently. Notice there was no law passed, some bureaucrat in some part of government decided to change the way we run our lives with a new directive, with the power of federal government backing it up. There could be significate costs associated with complying with this law. Bathrooms could run about $150K to construct for each institution so cited and naturally the dollars are not forthcoming from the Federal Government.

Now you know why ranchers were so fed up with the Bureau of Land Management when they told farmers they couldn't graze where they were grazing or they had to pay fees. No law was passed, some bureaucrat wrote a directive and it became the law of the land.

Resort spas all over the country had to install lifts for quad and paraplegics to use the swimming pools at a very significant cost. No mention was made that they probably don’t have control of their bodily functions. The "law" was written by some Federal bureaucrat and so shall it be.

Many land owners have not been able to enjoy their purchase of land because of environmental regulations like the snail darter or some other endangered species, which are directives created by some person with a “Save the whales” mentality.

We are beginning to notice that Federal agency’s can write directives that are enforceable in all 50 states. The justness of these directives is never in question; it is your violation of them that is in question. You need about 200K to fight one of these disagreements in court, and the trouble is, you might not live long enough to see your docket date in court.

North Carolina wrote a state law to countermand the issued directive of a federal agency. The protestors think that the law is directed to discriminate against trans gender’s. Wrong the law is directed at the Federal agency that thinks that it can dictate its will on the people. Some federal agency wants the states to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to provide separate bathrooms for 10,000 people, this is crazy! Who gets to pay for it?

We have to wake up and realize that these federal agencies are writing directives on a federal level that are considered laws of the land. They have completely screwed up the food menus at high schools in California. The food they demand be provided may be healthy but it gets thrown in the trash. Ever eat a whole wheat burrito? Each meal has to have a fruit and that goes in the trash.

The big teaser with the Federal Government directives, if the state does not follow them, the Federal subsidy money will not go to the state.

There are a lot of people that want to enforce on others their “justifiable" righteous thinking on the issue. We need to stop this snowballing bureaucracy from layering us with more directives that make absolutely no sense. We should be a government of laws, not government directives. Being against bathrooms for trans genders is not anti anything issue. This is a non perfect world and there is no perfection in a non perfect world especially if someone needs to pay for it.

Why do we need to punish a state for saying no to a government directive? State's rights is the real issue. Less government intervention is the key. If the Federal Government wanted to make a real impression about bathrooms, how about a directive to keep them clean and stocked with toilet paper? How about rest rooms for the homeless?-- that's a far bigger group than the trans genders. But I digress--- Just give me back my McDonald's French fries deep fried in animal fat.