Wednesday, February 21, 2018

DisUnity in the U.S.

The DACA’s in this country want legal status, and neither the Republicans or the Democrats can come to an agreement. When the Democrats had both houses, Obama failed to address the issue. The same is true with the Republicans in power.

Neither side wants the party in power to get credit for anything. It is not a matter of whether it is good for the country. The minority party wants the party in power to fail in their platform promises to the voters. It’s all about votes.

On TV, put two opposing views on camera at the same time, its like dropping a cat and a dog into a potato sack, the results are predictable.

The Russians have been accused of messing around with our elections, and it is almost laughable. They were not interested in who won the election, they just wanted to create more disharmony with our institutions and the voters. That is pretty light weight stuff, considering what Hollywood and CNN are doing. When everyone was so positive that the Russian had interfered with the election I was mystified. What were they doing? Now we know, real stupid stuff that most people didn’t give a damn about.

We have half of the population mixing illegal immigrants with legal and considering them one group that want, open borders. The other group wants to get rid of the illegal ones but they are considered racists for their beliefs. The fact that some countries are considered “Shit Holes,” strikes a chord of “how dare anyone be politically incorrect?” Building a wall seems a tad bit logical in addressing the problem

The same mess with gun control, only this group isn’t split along the same lines as the immigrant problem. The false assumption is that government can by passing laws, control the problem. Criminals do not buy their guns at gun stores. They look for an NRA sticker on your pick up or something similar and visit your home while you are at work. Passing laws against legally buying a gun might stop some people, from a purchase, but seldom discourage a person who wanted one. The real problem with guns that is never mentioned is alcohol. Mix the two and you could end up in jail forever for doing something extremely stupid. Revenge is satisfying for a fleeting moment, but once the finality of your actions are realized, it is too late to do anything to change it back.

In this country some people expect government to protect every aspect of their life and others in a like manner, want government to leave them alone. Harmony is balance of the two. IMHO the Democrats and Obama went too far, and now they are more than sore losers, they are sore haters. And surprisingly the news media went with them. Now we have an abstract label for it called the “Deep State.” Also, another abstract label is “the far left” which is inclusive of our educational institutions. And then there is just very general vulgar name calling of our President. A complete lack of respect for the office.

It’s a sad time for our country, if you cannot show respect, you deserve none yourself. Respect for other people’s beliefs, dreams and Ideal as well as respect for our leaders is expected. It’s the fiber that holds this nation together.

The lecture is over, it looks as if the economy is improving. We are moving out of The Great Depression II (I hope).


Joseph Oppenheim said...

Fortunately, for people who care about human morality (that was the lesson from the biblical Exodus) and economics, CA, as a sanctuary state, has obstructed the federal administration’s attempt at using ICE as a Gestapo type force.

Peaceful illegals are welcome to join in and advance CA’s prosperity.

It is estimated about 30% of US illegals are in CA, the world’s 5th or 6th largest economy, maybe 5th passing the UK after’s close, but per capita, already past the UK. Plus, there have been studies where Mexican immigrants to CA advance higher than those to TX.

Anonymous said...

If it isn't the walking human nose, the man that knows everything but understands little.
I'm curious, why do you read and follow this blog? I just ask because I believe there is something to be learned...

AIM said...

You are a moron Oppenheim. We're lucky you aren't a leader and don't have any influence over our country. We'd collapse.

What we have is two parties that are at bitter odds with each other, have their own agendas, and use the law and policy and the media, etc. etc. to achieve their own ends rather than do what is best for the country. The Repubs and the Dems repeatedly throw America and the American people under the bus, making us collateral damage, in order to achieve their own personal goals and remain in power. That is treason to me since neither of them are representing the American people.

The ideal scene is a country with a MISSION, with GOALS and PURPOSES, with A FUTURE VISION. And everyone apprised of these and working together to achieve them as the PRIORITY, and not their personal or partisan agenda. Good luck with that ever happening (man is too insane, greedy, self-interested and short-sighted for that to ever happen).

Can you believe that we have a "country" a "society" a "civilization" in which the people and government are not clear on and united upon a specific mission? This is the fundamental of any activity. How could you be successful without it? The USA is a total joke. Co-opted by insane and oppressive people who have no concept of "the greater good".

Joseph Oppenheim said...

Annonymous.....I follow this blog because I want to hear all well thought out opinions from people who aren’t afraid to identify themselves, I also live in San Diego County, the 2008 crash started in San Diego in 2006 and agree that the crash was historically significant.

Anonymous said...

You can follow the blog. Just please don't make any comments or posts.

Jim in San Marcos said...


I agree with what you said, but I think we need to realize that Trump is not a politician and because of that, he may need a little more time to get the ship of state turned around on a new heading.

The 2018 interim election might be a real surprise for the Democrats---the do nothing politics of the past may be over, I hope

AIM said...

Hi Jim. I HOPE HOPE HOPE that the 2018 elections don't work out for the Dems. If they get control of the house and senate the country will be doomed (they are basically socialists/commies that are clueless and have no idea how to achieve the goal of a healthy and prosperous nation). The Dems have already had some wins regarding the upcoming elections, which scares me. Of course the Progressive/Liberal media will never let you know what the true sentiments of the voting public are (and are very busy programming everyone with the propaganda that the majority is inclined towards Progressivism... I'm not so sure about that. I hope it isn't true. I look down upon both parties as worthless; both parties have made a mess of this country, yet, I'd rather see the Repubs in control with a bigger majority in the house and senate so that Trump could be more effective towards carrying out his promises.