Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Invasion of Mexico a Possibility

14,000 people moving in Mexico towards the US border. Question, what happens after their first step on American soil? They have rights (ridiculous as it may seem).

If the Mexican government cannot stop a caravan of 14,000 people, where can they find the means to stop 10,000 US marines from crossing the Mexican border to control the people on the Mexican side?

I have no information to support my suggested scenario, but if you want to address a problem, you do not wait for it to become your problem. You anticipate and react before it becomes a problem with unanticipated consequences.


Mexico could become the 51st state
Drug traffic would stop
People would be more secure
Real law would help our retired senior citizens down there


Sackerson said...

Hold onto your hat, Santa Anna!

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Sack

Glad for your comment, readership is down.

I almost have the feeling that I am writing this stuff to thin air.

Thank you for your support

dearieme said...

One of the few respectable reasons for the US to attack Mexico (yet again) would be that Mexico is allowing an invading army a free rein to attack the US. I find myself in the unusual position of approving of this idea. As long as the action stops at turning away the invaders. No ruddy "regime change", please.

dearieme said...

"readership is down": ah, the curse of success. The financial crash of 2008 has been in suspended animation for so long that people perhaps don't recognise that what is about to hit them is just the revival and continuation of the problem. A prophet without honour .......

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

Thank you for your comments.

If we look at the saved money, the people that have so much of it, can't possibly spend it. That is what is keeping inflation down. Billionaires don't consume more than the rest of us. So this "savings" by the rich, is a control on inflation. If you don't spend it, it does not reflect on the economy and add to inflation.

Sooner or later as you suggest, the piper will ask for payment