Monday, October 31, 2022

The claim "Democrats vote early"

Every wonder why when it comes election time, you hear the phrase “Democrats vote early?”  It’s treated as a known fact.  There is no way statistically, that that statement can be substantiated. Most would agree that it would probably be about a 50-50 split.

Let’s look at the term “early voting.”   This has to involve a paper absentee ballot.  Early votes are those cast before election day. The regular votes are tallied and then the paper ballots are counted. 

If one accepts the premise that Democrats vote early, it is no surprise to see Democrats rise past their Republican counterparts when the absentee ballots are counted.  The conclusion “Democrats vote early” is valid.

What you could be looking at is election fraud.  Why would more people vote Democrat than Republican in just the absentee ballots? Nobody raises that question, after all everyone knows Democrats vote early.

Any good statistician could, after looking at the polling numbers of the live voters, could project out the totals for the mail in ballots.  From there, the election commission or whatever it is called can create the necessary winning ballots.  Many ballots mailed out, are not returned and some of the voters are dead or moved.  So, in an election where say there is about one million voters, there is about 5% to 20% not returned. Skimming one or two percent of the vote, could determine the winner.  No one will know. Democrats always vote early. 

Also with absentee ballots, you can sell your vote for cash.  $200 dollars for groceries for your kid or vote, make the decision.  Millions of dollars are spent on these elections, and it is not all going to advertising. $200 a vote buys 5,000 votes with just one million.

We need to get rid the idea that “Democrats vote early” and end absentee ballots.


dearieme said...

Ah well, and it turns out that much of it was funded by a fraudulent cryptocurrency "genius".

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

The irritating thing is that there was more than one, and they are bragging about it.

And there is nothing we can do about it. It is very frustrating.