Monday, January 18, 2021

Tripping over a torque Vector in a Laundromat

Just for laughs type in the title of my previous post into G00gle or B1ng with or without the dash and see what you pull up. Abs0lutely n0thing.

Anything with the second or third word is subject to san1tation.  There are no c0ntrary v1ews a11owed.

If you don’t have a link to my site, you cannot akcess that article.  What the viewer can akcess is determined by the $earch eng1ne.

This is sens0rsh1p by 0m1ss1on.  0pposing views or c0ntrary information are not presented.   Reminds me of a book title that's all numbers, the G00gle sp1ders might trigger on.

In the statement “_____  kil1s doctor that tried t0 spread the a1arm;”  what is the real answer?  (hint: a form of lead poisoning) 

The comm0n man cann0t be left to th1nk for himself, it is to0 danger0us.

D1ssent is not to be t0lerated.

Take away my reader5 and you have 5ilenced me.