Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Global Warming? Or is it global Climate change?

Admittedly this is off topic a bit, but it may give you some perspective on the liberals’ manipulation of our minds by others in higher education.

The Global warming issue comes up all of the time. The major push on all of this is from the universities. If you want to do research on global warming, there is plenty of money available at the college level for government grants. If you want to pursue a research topic of global cooling, you’ll find, no funds are available. This is a political sponsored event, to project their green earth polices, on the masses unquestioned.

The dire warnings from most of these college research papers suggest that if we do nothing, we are doomed. We will resemble Venus in a few years. They want to panic the masses in order to force us to accept their agenda.

If we go back one billion years, there was no oxygen on the planet to speak of, and the atmosphere contained 20 percent CO2. Another unusual thing at that time, was that there was no oxygen so nothing could burn. It took another 500 million years for the oxygen level to rise to 15 percent which allowed combustion. Notice that 20 percent CO2 in the atmosphere didn’t cook the planet; plant life flourished. It took a half billion years for enough oxygen to collect for life as we know it to evolve.

We appear to be in the midst of a transition of global climate change. In recent history of millions of years, we can see that the sea level has been a lot lower by some 60 feet or more. The African deserts once were very productive fertile growth areas as were other areas in South America. We really can’t state that we are entering a period of global warming; the data of a billion years refute this. We are in the midst of a transition of Global Climate Change.

Once the Ice caps melt, the Gulf Stream will change course. Europe could become too cold for farming. Expect the transition to happen over maybe 50 to 200 years. What it means is this, areas that were farm land will not be productive and other new areas will now have the desirable weather for food cultivation.

What needs to be realized is that food can still be grown, but the weather shift enables areas that are now unhospitable to farming, to become prime agricultural areas once again.

Both camps agree, there appears to be a change in the computer projection modules of our climate. Is it possible that "Global Warming" is really nothing more than "Global Climate Change?" Desert land is very cheap right now. The best deals are when nobody wants it.