Friday, April 08, 2022

The Hidden Truth of the 2020 US Election.

The US is splitting apart.  On one side we have the Republicans, and on the other side we have the Democrats, News Media and Internet.  Normally the Republicans and Democrats balance each other out and the independents decide the elections.  Now we have CNN, MSN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Facebook and Twitter solidly on the side of Democrats.  These internet conglomerates censor the news by blocking users from distributing content that they deem misinformation or by omission, failing to report the news.  Basically, this is censorship.  The news medias, through their biases, are influencing the thoughts of the country.  The funny thing is, these people probably only represent about 5 percent of the population. 

Most voters begin to think about elections a week before the event.  A majority of American voters don't follow politics, have no memory of the performance of their candidate over the last 4 years.  The news media and social media will guide them in choosing a candidate. 

Our last election had flagrant voter and media fraud.  The Democrats, the news media and the internet giants like Facebook and Twitter censored all of it.  They were against Trump. They censored the Biden laptop that exposed the corruption and graft in the Biden family before the election. It is now slowly coming to light.  People don’t fully appreciate how powerful censorship by omission is.  This helped swing the election to Biden.  You can see the newspaper bias when you read “Trump falsely claims that he won the election.” The word “falsely” doesn’t belong in the sentence.  That is for the reader to decide. Including the word, makes the sentence an opinion.

 A lot has been discussed about the convenience of mail in voting.  If you lived in a country like China or Russia, would you want mail in voting?  Fill the ballot out wrong and you might end up in a gulag rehab camp.  

 Democrats and Republicans vote the party line most of the time.  With mail in votes, you also have included people who would not make an effort to vote in person.  These are the votes to focus on.  10 million dollars will buy a lot of advertising and it is always questionable how effective it is.  Take the same 10 million and send out couriers to purchase those blank ballots. Figure they would pay up to $200 per ballot. Imagine a courier is given 2,000 dollars and told to show up with 10 ballots filled out with their parties’ candidates selected, that’s not hard to do. You knock on the voter’s door and offer to help them fill out the ballot, give the voter $100 and drop it off for free. Such a deal.  If you are poor, $100 is something tangible that can be spent.  It is only one vote, no big deal, take the money.  If you are the courier, any part of the $200 not given to the voter for their ballot, is the couriers, free and clear. 10 million dollars could buy 50,000 votes.  Zuckerberg spent 420 million on the 2020 election. 

 The Democrats want voters to be able to vote without having a voter ID.  They also want them to vote absentee without any identification. In California, if you get mailed a ballot, you can vote.  That mail in ballot is worth money, you can sell it. By forcing the voter to vote in person, the ability to buy votes disappears.  If you have a city of 100,000 voters, figure 60 percent will vote. With mail in voting, many of the ballots of people who have moved or have died get returned to the election board. Those returned absentee ballots are blank checks.  Who’s to say how many were returned to the election board? No one will know if those “votes” somehow get submitted and counted, especially if there is no voter id or signature required.  This is what the Democrats want to do in every state, unrestricted no ID voting.

The Democrats in the past have been the party of repression.  After the civil war, The Democrats took over the south. They passed laws to keep blacks from voting, referred to as “Jim Crow" laws.  They also formed the Klu Klux Klan that went around terrorizing and killing blacks. They were for segregation in schools. Times have changed, the Democrats used to represent the working man, now they represent big money and labor unions.

The thing not fully comprehended by outsiders, is the fact that many election districts have ways of keeping the local people in power.  A city that is run by Democrats for 50 years is kind of an indication that something is not right. It doesn’t matter how you vote; the same party gets reelected.  In that case, people stop voting, they consider it a waste of time. Think about it, if a city doesn't update the voter rolls, a lot of ballots get returned by the Post Office.  Who is to say that post office returned 100 or 10,000 ballots? Wink Wink, most voter fraud is at local levels.

The super-rich people in this country are now aligning with the Democratic party.  They are trying to fragment the rest of the population, by tearing down our historical statues and rewrite our history with critical race theory.  I don’t think we are ready for this. This isn’t what Democracy is all about.  Live and be free, not live and fear the "woke" people. 

Something is not right. And the further we go in time; more things seem to be falling apart. Biden is destroying the fabric of our democracy and everything else to boot. Obama’s quote about Joe Biden, “Don’t underestimate Joe's ability to F things up,” rings true.


To be continued