Sunday, November 28, 2021

California Living The Good Life

All of our interaction with the government seems very normal.  A bill for property taxes, a bill for car registration, car insurance, and other items are all the norm. If you own a car, and want to keep it legal, you need to pay for plates and insurance.  Go to a store and pay for your merchandise and walk out.

 In California it is different.  If you are homeless, there are no property taxes (kind of obvious).  No license, no car insurance, no big deal; you won’t go to jail.  When you get a ticket, forget about it.  Steal under 900 dollars and you will not go to jail.  If you shoot someone and there is a witness, they will release you until the trial.  It’s not rocket science; if the witness can’t testify, you don’t go to prison.

 What is different for responsible working people?  If you have a job, a family and a home, you cannot behave like that; the government can screw you over. They can foreclose on you house for nonpayment of taxes. If you don’t pay your traffic ticket, the government will go after you. They know you have money.  The threat of jail could mean you lose your job. From there, you can join the homeless.

 Notice, the only ones that have to comply to the laws, are people with money, homes, a family, cars, and a job. If you are homeless and, on the streets, government doesn’t give a damn about you.  You pay no taxes and if they have to lock you up, it costs the city real money. Jail is a service that returns no money back to the government.  It is an expense.

 So, what does it all mean?  If you are here illegally, you get out of jail free. If you are broke, you don’t have to pay things like fines or report to court for physical offences.   But God help you if you are a bonified taxpayer who has money and is a scofflaw. You will pay, because government can ruin your life; they know you have money and they can mess with you.

 The bureaucracy is not stupid, the state government assumes the taxpayers are extremely stupid.  And they are right.  They legalized crime, so don’t act surprised by the results.

 How do you fix this? The poor can live and exist outside of the rules for the middle class without punishment. The poor can ignore the system and there is no repercussion for doing so.  There is no feedback from the state government stating that the deadbeats are not paying their assessed charges. Taxes go up and people move out. Is that the solution to the problem? The answer, sadly is yes.  Most problems solve themselves.  The California State government is broken and cannot be fixed. Don't tell them, there is nothing worse than political indignation. I might not get my 20 ballots for president in the next election.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Tax the Rich

When it comes down to taxing the rich, you have to ask yourself one question, who are the rich?  There are the lottery winners, or those whose fortunes come from novel ideas.  The great majority of rich people overlooked, are those that saved $100 dollars a week for a lifetime.  Its not uncommon for a married couple to amass a fortune of a million dollars.  If the intertest rate was 8% these retirees would be getting $80, 000 a year in interest—not a bad retirement income.  We know that is not the case, it is more like 0.5% interest and that is about $5,000 a year.

 Here is where it gets interesting.  Most of these funds are in IRA’s.  It’s a taxable event if you want to take your money out of it and run.  That is what has created stability in the financial markets.  The average retiree will withdraw funds in a manner that minimizes their taxes each year.

 Let’s take a retired couple with one million in a retirement fund.  Assume 6% inflation.  They will lose $60,000 to inflation the first year. And since they still have the million, they will lose the same 60K the next year if inflation is still at 6%.  So over 10 years, they would lose $600,000 to inflation.  I am assuming that they didn’t dip into the fund for the 10 years to simplify the math.  $1,000,000 minus $600,000 equals $400,000.  That is the buying power of the million-dollar portfolio over 10 years. Their savings have lost 60% of their buying power. So, if you retire at age 70, you will survive the next 10 years okay. Over the following 10 years, your million will turn into $100,000 in actual buying power. Drop a zero off of your wealth every 20 years to determine the forward buying power.

 In the above example it is assumed that you don’t need to withdraw funds from the retirement fund.  Life doesn’t quite work that way. With inflation, your funds will probably last 15 years or less. The US government is not going to raise the interest rate on Treasury’s to 8%, the interest on the national debt would bankrupt the country.  Interest on 30 trillion at 8% is 2.4 trillion.  That’s more than the government collects in taxes.

 The neat thing about taxing the rich, or should I say elderly retired, is that no one is listening to them.  Grandpa and Grandma just didn’t save enough for retirement.  The kids today at age 20 have always paid $7.00 for cigarettes—they were 25¢ when I was 20.  When I was young, I could never understand how my grandfather (who lived to be 98) got so angry over paying 35¢ for a loaf of bread, he would say it was only a nickel when he was a kid.  He saw the theft by government and was frustrated because he could do nothing about it.

 Precious metals appear to be the only lifeline for retirees.   A lot of the trading on the precious metals market, is done on paper and there are no demands for delivery. The real market, is the precious metals shop down the street, take physical possession. Buy gold, silver and platinum for the second 10 years of your retirement.  From my anecdotal sources, no one at the current time is selling metals, everyone is buying.  The weird thing is that a zero will drop off of your total saving in 20 years (buying power), but a zero will be added to the precious metals value.

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Old Age Tips

I’m getting old and have learned a few things I would like to pass on to others my age. It doesn’t really pertain to the blog, but what the heck.

The skin on my legs and feet started itching at times and it's really bothersome.  I used to use a prescription ointment to fix it, and it worked well.  I found a better solution.  Rub a teaspoon of water over the leg, getting it wet and rub the skin in a constant motion. You might have to add another one or two teaspoons of water.  After about 30 seconds, you will notice that dead skin is rubbing off.  You’ll find that the itching stops and you don’t need the expensive creams.

Taking a shower washing your hair (if you have any)

I take a shower every day and if you have ever closed your eyes you tend to lose orientation and get dizzy.  In the shower, leave your eyes open and keep your face dry. Water will roll off of your eyelids if you keep them open.  To wash your hair, wet the back half of your head and apply shampoo and pull the shampoo forward to the rest of your hair.  If you do it right, you don’t have to close your eyes.  When you rinse your head, use your hands to shield your eyes from the soap rinse. You can keep your eyes open.

Thursday, August 05, 2021

The American Voter, a Real Disappointment

The Republican party is looking towards the next election.  Do you think that the voter is smart enough to understand all of the political rhetoric and vote responsibly in the next election? I Contend that the American voter is too stupid and the Democrats know it. Most people don’t even pay any attention to the elections until it is time to vote. Basically, the population will vote the same way they did 4 years ago.   You have the 40 -40 split of the Democrats and Republicans. Then there is the 20 percent left over, that are the lunatic fringe voters, that will determine who gets elected. Save a tree, pro-abortion, green earth and ad infinitum.

Now you see why political endorsements by movie stars are so important. The Democrats have gotten into sports and movies.  People in these fields influence young voters, that is all they watch. Youth tries to emulate their heroes and be just like them. What these movie stars or athletes say, has political impact.

Although not many people still subscribe to the newspapers, they are pretty much in the Democrat’s control. Instead of reporting “Trump believes the election was stolen.”  The copy reads “Trump falsely believes the election was stolen.” The reader is not given the option to form an opinion, rather it is hard wired into the article. 

If we look at the internet, everything is hidden from the unbiased voter.  Material is censored from the internet. Views on the Corona virus, that do not spout the political correctness of the Democrat party, never make it to the internet.  They are censored as “mis-information.”  Many very prominent doctors have released papers on their successful treatment of the Corona virus only to be labeled “Mis-information.” Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are not even mentioned as a prophylactic or as an initial treatment for symptoms.  Your doctor cannot prescribe these medicines, they are on a list of “do not prescribe medications if you want to keep your license.” Good luck on trying to get a prescription.  My two doctors refused to write a prescription for either drug.

 The socialists have gotten into our education system and colored the thinking of our youth.  The demand to destroy our rich historical heritage is not what we need to have. The Confederates lost the civil war, but the memory of that war is a testament to our heritage and a tribute to those who died in the fight.  Tearing down monuments does not change history. It was a war of great sacrifice and many lives were lost on both sides. Remembering them all, is what counts.

The next election should be an overwhelming Republican victory, but maybe it won’t.  Democracies don’t last long, probably because the voters love all of the free stuff promised by the politicians.


As a side note, one million illegal immigrants have been let into the country.  Corona virus is running rampant with these people and no one appears to be dying from it; It kind of makes you wonder about how lethal the virus is. Just maybe we are being gaslighted by the Democrats in power and by the press.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

The New State Voter Laws

 The Democrats are claiming the new voter laws restrict voting, and it is really hard to figure.  It is almost as if they can look at a person and determine how they  will vote. Peculiarly it seems to be the black voter they are most interested in protecting.  If there is one vote to each franchised voter and it was done in person, the election would be determined by the vote. Common sense would suggest that if voter fraud was suspected, both Republicans and Democrats would be equally concerned, and that is just not the case.

The Democrats claim the need for mail in voting without identification, is rather absurd. Only 60 percent of the population votes in an election.  So, if everyone eligible to vote is sent a ballot, 40 percent do not care who wins and probably won’t return their ballot.  At this point the blank ballots could be sold for cash.  Notice that, that option disappears if the voter has to show up in person to vote.  If only 70 percent of the voters return a ballot, then there is the chance that 30 percent of the unreturned ballots could be “voted” by a third party, not the intended voter.  If they don’t need to be signed by the voter, it makes it very easy to enter them as valid votes in an election.

In a two-party system, the voters are usually evenly split.  40 percent Republican and 40 percent Democrat.  So, in order to steal an election, you need to estimate what party, the 20% swing voters are going to vote for. As a corrupt official, you are not interested in who votes for whom. Most of the votes cancel each other out. You’re interested in how many votes are needed to swing the election.  At this point, you can either print the ballots or purchase the ballots from voters who would rather have the money. With a budget of 50 million dollars, 100,000 votes could be purchased at $500 apiece. All you have to do then, is mail them in or put them in a drop box and you are done. 

Voter registration drives in certain areas, is a point to concentrate upon, when purchasing votes.  Get prospective voters to register, then volunteer to come back and help them fill out the ballot and deliver it for them.  The person picking up the votes would probably pay the “voter” $50 to $500 for each vote. He might pay a druggie $50 and keep $450 for himself.  A woman with 4 kids might get $400 and so on.  You give the vote collector $10,000 in cash and tell him to come back with 20 blank but signed ballots.

Another thing about mail in votes, is that the government can literally scan your ballot and tell how you voted. You might wake up after the election and find out that you have been signed up for retraining indoctrination. Your “white privilege” can be documented.

Mail in ballots compromise our voting system, giving people the right to sell their vote.  And in today’s elections where hundreds of millions are spent on each candidate, this can be an abuse that can end democracy.  A lot of people don’t vote because they think their vote doesn’t count. They could be right if they live in Detroit or New York City.  Ever wonder why?

Friday, June 18, 2021

Precious Metals in The New Economy

I haven’t been writing much. I’m kind of burned out on how the economy is going. When I started this blog in 2006, I saw the depression coming.  It was hidden by the government and the news.  We did have a depression in 2008 and it more or less went into a stagnant economy. But in 2008 the banks almost collapsed.  Congress had to prop up the banks. Think about it, if the banks had failed, where would the government borrow from?  The banks didn’t fail and we kept on putting straws on the camel’s back (the national debt).

Economics is the study of the economy and how it responds to certain stimulus.  The trouble is, economic theory can’t predict the future; it can only explain what has already happened.  Economics is not a science. So here we are increasing the national debt with many people retiring and the Covid stimulus packages being paid out.  Something is wrong.  Millions of workers are being paid to not work.  This cannot continue.   People need to produce product, if they don’t, the product desired becomes scarce. 

This is where inflation comes in.  If the product is scarce and you want it, you have to pay more for it. The fact not even realized is that it cost 23 cents for a pack of cigarettes in 1962 and now a pack cost $8.00.  It’s been slow and progressive.

Lawmakers know what is happening, but it is drawn out over time.  Most people will never notice until they retire; their saving doesn’t have the buying power it had 40 years ago.  The real factor not realized, is that the dollar saved in 1965 has the purchasing power of 4 cents, in today’s world. Kind of mind boggling. What was saved in 1965 would pay the rent, now in 2021 it only buys groceries.

 An ounce of silver used to be a guide on the hourly wage, and an ounce of gold was a paycheck for the week.  It looks like that may still ring true. Bear in mind that precious metals are not rising in price, they are reflecting the drop in the value of the dollar.  As the water level rises in a lake, the boat will still float.

Right now, there are four areas of investment; Bonds, real estate, stocks, and precious metals. The bond market interest rates are so low, you have to ask the question, who would be dumb enough to put their cash into savings. Real estate and stocks seem to be the markets of choice right now.  The precious metals market is kind of an unknown.  With inflation at 10% and the cost of money at one percent, it costs literally nothing to hold precious metals.

If you examine the precious metals; silver, gold and platinum, you’ll notice that they fluctuate in price, unrelated to each other.  Gold is in the lead; Platinum is underpriced and silver is trending upward. Last week, I converted my silver to platinum. 50 pounds of silver converts into 10 ounces of platinum and doesn’t take up much space in a safety deposit box. Also converting Gold to platinum is rather attractive.

The thing you need to remember about precious metals, is that if this mess gets worse, you might have the cash to purchase precious metals but most suppliers may be out of product, and you won't know that until you go in to make a purchase. That has happened to me twice this year.  The premium to purchase has gone up considerably especially on silver.  I kind of choke on a premium of $3.50 per ounce for silver. The following 6 months could be an eye opener.  The precious metals market for delivery is in a very unknown condition. Is the physical metal there for purchase?  

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Restaurant Menu Prices from 1938

This is a reprint from August 20, 2013 that I thought might be worth another glance.

I was searching through some picture albums of my parents from way back and ran into some restaurant menus  from the depression era of late 1930's.. The first 3 pictures are from the Manhattan  Restaurant.


The Second menu (three pictures) is on the Union Pacific Railroad from 1937 somewhere in Wyoming.

This last menu is from the Hotel Windermere in Chicago 1937.

Double click on the images to see what the prices were back then.   Did you notice that the Manhattan offered a broiled (Whole) lobster for 65 cents?  In today's world, you'd be lucky to get half a lobster for $30.  Bear in mind, the people that read these menus in real time are probably dead by now.

The pay raise that everyone gets each year because of inflation is just an allusion. Look around, the new hires are starting out a few pennies less than what the seasoned workers are making.  The neat thing about inflation is that Congress doesn't have to raise the tax rates, you earn more, you pay more.  That's the real difference between the Democrats and Republicans; print as you go verses pay as you go.

The real odd thing is that the average person does not connect the dots. The relationship between government spending and inflation does not exist. Rumor has it, we've always had inflation-- I guess we're supposed to get used to it.  My wife bought a new battery and asked me to guess how much she paid for it, and I said $40.  Her answer; "That's the price you would have paid 20 years ago, the battery was $100."

Let's see,(from top menu third picture, red part) I'll have the broiled lobster with coffee and a slice of cake--that's about 85 cents total, plus 15 cents for a tip.  The trouble is, 83 years of inflation have raised the prices a tad.

Friday, March 05, 2021

Turmoil in Washington DC

We have approximately 5 to 10 thousand National Guard troops in Washington DC, with barbwire on top of the barricades to protect us from an impending invasion of God knows what. If you were to tie one of those fence barricades to a truck and pull away, it would probably pull down about 200 feet of it in a couple of seconds.

The other thing not pointed out, is that 99.9 percent of the National Guard in place have not been issued ammunition.  There is no reason for it.  It only takes one bad apple to screw up things, so no ammunition.

This is a pathetic political play to make the voter feel threatened and to influence possible voters who are undecided.

Play soldier for the civilian spectators, because the people in charge are afraid of the "We the people."  It has to look importantly significant  for the news. Go figure.

Ask your congressman; "If it is such a severe crisis, why don't the soldiers have ammunition?"

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

The Doctor Visit

I went for my yearly physical today and got an AOK.  I mention to the doctor that I think I had Corona Virus a year ago.  I had a pretty bad case of the flu, but it didn’t stop me from going to work.  Two weeks after I recovered, I put a bagel in the toaster oven and went back to my paperwork. After a while, I noticed that the dog was barking a lot and my glasses looked awful dirty. Then the smoke alarm went off.  My bagel was on fire in the toaster oven. I put the toaster fire out and noticed that the timer didn’t stop at zero it went past it, and kept on toasting. At this point I realized that I could not smell anything.  That explained why food didn’t really taste very good lately.  I had lost my sense of smell.  My doctor said that he had many cases that started in January, a year ago, including his wife.  He mentioned that he was at a loss as to why the media had not picked up on this.

 Right now, the media has kept the death count from last year of 300, 000 and continued on this year adding to it.  This is what I call yellow Journalism.  Exaggeration for readership and political influence.  The death count for this year should have started at zero and it didn’t.  79 percent of the people dying from the disease are over the age of 65.  People do die from old age, don’t let the Corona Virus take all of the blame.  99.9 percent of the population will survive the disease, so why the panic?

 The news media has panicked the nation.  It makes good copy and sells advertising.  People are frozen in place in terror because of the news media.  “My god, I could kill someone by not wearing my mask” this projected suggestion to the public is blatantly wrong.  The truth is most of us can go out and do business with no problem.

 Remember the first restrictions were to lower the curve so hospitals could accommodate the patients.  It was not pointed out to anyone that the area under the curve remained the same, the same number would die only over a longer period of time.

 I think we will find out, that most people will get the Corona Virus and survive.  It is a form of the cold virus and it has been around forever. I think we will also discover that the death counts for other diseases like heart disease, will drop considerably from previous years, from fear to consult a doctor.  The total death rate for the nation will be above 2.7 million per year. But bear in mind the average reader has no visual concept of 2.7 million people dying each year normally.  This has panicked the masses, the perspective of 80,000 drug deaths, 40,000 car deaths, 70,000 Influenzas deaths has left the people with no perspective of how to interpret the data.

 The yellow press impresses upon us, that 300,000 died last year from Corona Virus.  People do die of old age and it is usually after the age of 65.  Funny how elderly people are not supposed to die from Corona Virus, but rather from old age.  How many of the people that died had one foot on a banana peel?

Monday, January 18, 2021

Tripping over a torque Vector in a Laundromat

Just for laughs type in the title of my previous post into G00gle or B1ng with or without the dash and see what you pull up. Abs0lutely n0thing.

Anything with the second or third word is subject to san1tation.  There are no c0ntrary v1ews a11owed.

If you don’t have a link to my site, you cannot akcess that article.  What the viewer can akcess is determined by the $earch eng1ne.

This is sens0rsh1p by 0m1ss1on.  0pposing views or c0ntrary information are not presented.   Reminds me of a book title that's all numbers, the G00gle sp1ders might trigger on.

In the statement “_____  kil1s doctor that tried t0 spread the a1arm;”  what is the real answer?  (hint: a form of lead poisoning) 

The comm0n man cann0t be left to th1nk for himself, it is to0 danger0us.

D1ssent is not to be t0lerated.

Take away my reader5 and you have 5ilenced me.