Sunday, March 14, 2021

Restaurant Menu Prices from 1938

This is a reprint from August 20, 2013 that I thought might be worth another glance.

I was searching through some picture albums of my parents from way back and ran into some restaurant menus  from the depression era of late 1930's.. The first 3 pictures are from the Manhattan  Restaurant.


The Second menu (three pictures) is on the Union Pacific Railroad from 1937 somewhere in Wyoming.

This last menu is from the Hotel Windermere in Chicago 1937.

Double click on the images to see what the prices were back then.   Did you notice that the Manhattan offered a broiled (Whole) lobster for 65 cents?  In today's world, you'd be lucky to get half a lobster for $30.  Bear in mind, the people that read these menus in real time are probably dead by now.

The pay raise that everyone gets each year because of inflation is just an allusion. Look around, the new hires are starting out a few pennies less than what the seasoned workers are making.  The neat thing about inflation is that Congress doesn't have to raise the tax rates, you earn more, you pay more.  That's the real difference between the Democrats and Republicans; print as you go verses pay as you go.

The real odd thing is that the average person does not connect the dots. The relationship between government spending and inflation does not exist. Rumor has it, we've always had inflation-- I guess we're supposed to get used to it.  My wife bought a new battery and asked me to guess how much she paid for it, and I said $40.  Her answer; "That's the price you would have paid 20 years ago, the battery was $100."

Let's see,(from top menu third picture, red part) I'll have the broiled lobster with coffee and a slice of cake--that's about 85 cents total, plus 15 cents for a tip.  The trouble is, 83 years of inflation have raised the prices a tad.

Friday, March 05, 2021

Turmoil in Washington DC

We have approximately 5 to 10 thousand National Guard troops in Washington DC, with barbwire on top of the barricades to protect us from an impending invasion of God knows what. If you were to tie one of those fence barricades to a truck and pull away, it would probably pull down about 200 feet of it in a couple of seconds.

The other thing not pointed out, is that 99.9 percent of the National Guard in place have not been issued ammunition.  There is no reason for it.  It only takes one bad apple to screw up things, so no ammunition.

This is a pathetic political play to make the voter feel threatened and to influence possible voters who are undecided.

Play soldier for the civilian spectators, because the people in charge are afraid of the "We the people."  It has to look importantly significant  for the news. Go figure.

Ask your congressman; "If it is such a severe crisis, why don't the soldiers have ammunition?"

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

The Doctor Visit

I went for my yearly physical today and got an AOK.  I mention to the doctor that I think I had Corona Virus a year ago.  I had a pretty bad case of the flu, but it didn’t stop me from going to work.  Two weeks after I recovered, I put a bagel in the toaster oven and went back to my paperwork. After a while, I noticed that the dog was barking a lot and my glasses looked awful dirty. Then the smoke alarm went off.  My bagel was on fire in the toaster oven. I put the toaster fire out and noticed that the timer didn’t stop at zero it went past it, and kept on toasting. At this point I realized that I could not smell anything.  That explained why food didn’t really taste very good lately.  I had lost my sense of smell.  My doctor said that he had many cases that started in January, a year ago, including his wife.  He mentioned that he was at a loss as to why the media had not picked up on this.

 Right now, the media has kept the death count from last year of 300, 000 and continued on this year adding to it.  This is what I call yellow Journalism.  Exaggeration for readership and political influence.  The death count for this year should have started at zero and it didn’t.  79 percent of the people dying from the disease are over the age of 65.  People do die from old age, don’t let the Corona Virus take all of the blame.  99.9 percent of the population will survive the disease, so why the panic?

 The news media has panicked the nation.  It makes good copy and sells advertising.  People are frozen in place in terror because of the news media.  “My god, I could kill someone by not wearing my mask” this projected suggestion to the public is blatantly wrong.  The truth is most of us can go out and do business with no problem.

 Remember the first restrictions were to lower the curve so hospitals could accommodate the patients.  It was not pointed out to anyone that the area under the curve remained the same, the same number would die only over a longer period of time.

 I think we will find out, that most people will get the Corona Virus and survive.  It is a form of the cold virus and it has been around forever. I think we will also discover that the death counts for other diseases like heart disease, will drop considerably from previous years, from fear to consult a doctor.  The total death rate for the nation will be above 2.7 million per year. But bear in mind the average reader has no visual concept of 2.7 million people dying each year normally.  This has panicked the masses, the perspective of 80,000 drug deaths, 40,000 car deaths, 70,000 Influenzas deaths has left the people with no perspective of how to interpret the data.

 The yellow press impresses upon us, that 300,000 died last year from Corona Virus.  People do die of old age and it is usually after the age of 65.  Funny how elderly people are not supposed to die from Corona Virus, but rather from old age.  How many of the people that died had one foot on a banana peel?

Monday, January 18, 2021

Tripping over a torque Vector in a Laundromat

Just for laughs type in the title of my previous post into G00gle or B1ng with or without the dash and see what you pull up. Abs0lutely n0thing.

Anything with the second or third word is subject to san1tation.  There are no c0ntrary v1ews a11owed.

If you don’t have a link to my site, you cannot akcess that article.  What the viewer can akcess is determined by the $earch eng1ne.

This is sens0rsh1p by 0m1ss1on.  0pposing views or c0ntrary information are not presented.   Reminds me of a book title that's all numbers, the G00gle sp1ders might trigger on.

In the statement “_____  kil1s doctor that tried t0 spread the a1arm;”  what is the real answer?  (hint: a form of lead poisoning) 

The comm0n man cann0t be left to th1nk for himself, it is to0 danger0us.

D1ssent is not to be t0lerated.

Take away my reader5 and you have 5ilenced me.

Friday, December 25, 2020

The Corona Virus Panic- a Chinese Fire Drill

Divided the 300,000  COVID-19  deaths by 365 days in a year and then again by 50 states and it comes out to 16.5 people a day.  Figure that 2.7 million people died in 2019 before COVID-19.  Do the same process over again. That turns out to be 148 people dying per day, per state.   This model is flawed because the 50 states are not evenly populated. I used the assumption all states are equal, to create a baseline for our perspective of the virus, normal deaths vs the virus. The normal death rate of 148 vs the perceived corona virus death rate of 16.5 a day.

When we count the COVID-19 deaths, did COVID-19 kill them or was the death from something else like old age?  We really won’t know until the statistics are gathered over the next three months on deaths nationwide for 2020.  I would suspect that we may have a drop in heart disease deaths by about 100,000.  We may have about 60,000 less influenza deaths.  I would expect an increase in opioid and alcohol related deaths.  Deaths from pneumonia will be nonexistent.

When you look at all of the diseases a person could die of, it becomes apparent, that there is the propensity to distort the actual cause of death.  Jumping to a conclusion happens all of the time.  People can die of multiple causes. The chosen choice of death can alter the statistics.  A hospital that gets a $40,000 government subsidy for each COVID-19 death, can turn a pneumonia victim into a COVID-19 statistic.  I really can’t blame a hospital for trying to make a buck.

The political ploy in this mess is very insidious.  It won the democrats an election, through fear generated upon the general populace.  The news sources have created a panic and fear campaign throughout the country.  People believe that many are dying like flies all over the place and that they are next.  79 percent of the people dying are over the age of 60 and old age is a natural form of death.  This has gotten ridiculous.  You might catch COVID-19, but it ain’t going to kill you.  But we are told if we don’t wear a mask, we are responsible for killing others.  All of the anti-mask research papers have been censored by Google. This mask mandate is a way the government can look like it is addressing the issue with a solution.  It placates the masses; wear a mask and you are safe. The Guverment will save us!

Fascism wants you to be a part of the group.  Hitler's second in command, Herman Goering said about war: 

Naturally, the common people don't want war ... but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”
  So, with COVID-19, “you are killing people by not wearing your mask.” Sound familiar?

In essence, if the state governments were to tell everyone over the age of 60 to hide inside their homes, the rest of us could continue enjoying life.  The number of people dying would not be a factor of notice for day-to-day commerce.  And commerce is what drives the economy.  Also note, the people under the age of 60 are not retired and need a source of livelihood, a job, to pay the bills.  331,000,000 people are in this country. Of the deaths this year, 1/10th of 1 percent (300,000) have been dubbed COVID-19 related.  When you compare the number of people affected by the lockdown and compare that to the number the virus has killed, the cure is worse than the disease.

“Wearing a mask is not going to keep the virus away” or “Wearing a mask will keep the virus at away.”  Neither statement can be proven, it has to be taken on faith. However, “Clapping your hands keeps the elephants out of New York City” must be true, there are no elephants in New York City.

300,000 deaths additional to the 2.7 million from all other causes is not a large amount in comparison to the total population.  By staying at home, people are not going to avoid getting the virus, it only delays it.  In the normal propagation of the virus, the more virulent strains kill the host and it ends the virus's ability to propagate. Strains that don’t kill the host, tend to survive to infect again; that is the virus to catch.  A hospital is the perfect medium for the virulent virus to survive long enough to infect others; that’s the virus you don’t want to catch.

I’m 74, if I want to go to a restaurant or fly on an airplane, I am going to enjoy my latter years of life, not sit in my home quivering in fear.   This panic has been exaggerated by the news services and needs to stop.  People are dying, but not in any amount that warrants panicking everyone.  Or maybe I should qualify that, the number of people dying is insignificant when you consider the total population.  We don’t need to ruin the lives of everyone to save those elderly who are already compromised and may catch the disease and die.  We know how to protect them now.

Imagine if the newspaper printed the headline “40 million people without jobs are starving to death.” These are the “non-essential” people in our country (restaurants, barbershops, bars, fitness centers, etc.). Take this group, bankrupt them, deplete their savings from lack of work, and now you have a real disaster. Grandma’s son is unemployed and the extra bucks he mails her isn’t coming.  40 million people not paying taxes or contributing to Social Security. This could be a very sobering year for our government. 

Another scary thing to comprehend, many readers question the validity of the writer who has no scientific credentials.  “Follow the science,” is a good way to bury one’s head in the sand.  Economics and business acumen can be a better guide to addressing the corona virus crisis, than science by itself.  Then if you discredit common sense, you mise well follow the herd off of the cliff.

The overreaction of government using lockdowns has turned a nasty disease into an economic meltdown with very obvious consequences.  The effects of which will play out in the coming year.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Voter Fraud

The election process was changed this year. Many states mailed out ballots to everyone on their rolls. This did not take into account people who have moved or are dead. It also did not take into account that many people didn’t really want to spend the effort to vote, the election didn’t matter to them.

 Another thing not mentioned is that the state now has enough information on your ballot to know how you voted. In California there is a scan code on the envelope enclosed that id’s the voter. That is the important thing, they know how you voted. Scan the envelope and then scan the ballot. This circumvents the idea of anonymous voting. They know how you voted, they know who you are and where you live. 

 I can see where people may request a mail in ballot in order to participate in an election. But when the state issues every registered voter a ballot, it gives the owner of that ballot the right to sell it for profit. The right to vote is one to where you have to show up to vote. An absentee ballot is a certificate that you receive and can be sold to a third party. This new concept of absentee voting allows people to abuse the system. Your ballot can be turned into cash. $200 to $1,000 I have heard. 50 million raised in an election campaign can buy a hell of a lot of votes. 

 Notice that voting in person keeps dead people and people who have moved from voting. One person, one vote, limits voter fraud. Count the voters registered and then compare it to the votes cast, they should match. With everything done by mail, the party running the election process, has the power to determine the results. We depend on the people doing the counting being honest. And they may count the votes correctly, who is to say that the mail in voters were legit. Voting machines can be programed to count wrong, more ballots could be printed. With only 60 percent of the people voting in most elections, it wouldn’t take many invalid votes to turn an election. 

 The real problem not noticed, is if this happens enough times in one location, the losing voter after many elections gives up and stops voting. This could be what has happened in many cities in the country. Corruption is very profitable and the voter has no redress, all they get is a sticker that says “I voted.” You may have voted, but if the results can be changed by adding fictitious votes to the ballot box, have you really voted?

 I have a blank California ballot in my hands that was not submitted that was received at our house. How can we arrive at the conclusion that the election results are correct? I could have filled it out and mailed it in, and I am too honest to do it. It kind of sucks to be a nice guy. 

Usually a theft involves two people, the one who lost the item, and the one who stole the item. In voter fraud, the victim is the person running for office. And he is none the wiser that a crime has been committed. He can suspect that there was abuse, but it is very hard to prove.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Pitfalls of Mail in Voting

In a democracy, the voter gets to elect his government officials, in secret, by voting, on election day.  Back in the 1800’s there were stories of the boss standing next to you when you filled out the ballot.  Not cool.  Think twice about voting by mail.  Your name and address are on the ballot being returned.  The government can cull out the opposition by recording how the vote was cast.  You can’t claim that you voted for someone else, it is right there in black and white.

In each election, millions of dollars are spent on advertising, to try and win your vote.  With mail-in ballots, going to every registered voter, voters who don’t even care to vote will get ballots.  Why spend on advertising in the media for your vote?  It could be a lot cheaper to buy each vote for $200 to $1,000. With a budget of 50 million, one could buy 50,000 to 250,000 unmarked but signed ballots.  This turns the mail-in ballot into a bonus check.  There is a claim that this already happened in Michigan during the previous election.  This should be illegal.  Many of our poor would rather have $1,000 in hard cash rather than voting in an election.  Notice that the time span from the delivery of the vote until the election, pretty much makes the blank ballots a fungible commodity that can be recovered and processed in a timely manner.

Another thing to look at is the voter rolls. 2.7 million people die each year in the US. That could be 2 million dead people on the rolls just for that year.  In some districts, they purge your name if you don’t vote in two general elections.  8 years of dead people amounts to 16 million dead people on the voter rolls. Mailing out a ballot to all of them might change the election results.  They have registered voters that would be 120 years old in some states. The neat thing here, you don’t have to pay dead voters for their vote.

Each year many families move for one reason or another, and re-register to vote.  This can create a duplicate second mail in ballot. A close friend of mine, moved to Pennsylvania three years ago and still received a mail in ballot for the California election. Nothing was done illegal, they moved and the election board had no idea. My next-door neighbor died last May, and I am sure he got a ballot in the mail.

 The voter election rolls determine how many voters are eligible to vote.  The mail in ballot was never meant to be for most voters.  Basically, the mail in votes were a very small number compared to the whole group of voters and the ballot had to be requested. It was different this year in California, everyone that was registered, got a mail-in ballot.  Many were ineligible to vote, dead or had moved from their registered address.  In-person voting eliminates many of the errors in polling records.  Some will not vote, because of the time and commitment involved.  Notice, if everyone listed on the voting roll can vote absentee, the ability to steal an election increases proportionally.  Your absentee ballot can be sold for cash.

If the people in charge of the voter registration are from one political party, elections can be massaged with mail-in voting.  It is not hard to compile a list of dead voters or of people who have moved out of state. This method of rigging an election is not perceivable if done surreptitiously. But in this age of computer technology, it is not hard to research and discover some of the voter fraud.  With the census that was recently taken, it might be a very easy thing to validate voter registrations by comparing it to the census data. 

Can we afford to have universal mail-in ballots?  It lends itself to internal corruption when one party runs the balloting process. The real question, is it fair that a ballot can be turned into cash?  Maybe the Supreme Court can settle the case.  If it can’t, elections will not be determined by the voters, rather the people running the election process will do it for you.  Its kind of like going into an “all you can eat restaurant.” You get up and go for seconds and are told “That’s all you can eat.”

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Problems in Paradise

Right now, everyone is refinancing their homes at the new 2 ¼ loan rate for 30 years.  Everyone with a job that is.  A lot of people are behind in their mortgage payments 6 or more months.  No problem everything is okay.  The majority of workers have a 401K retirement fund that is probably heavily invested in the stock market.  As long as it goes up, no problem.  A lot of businesses are or will be closed forever due to the Corona virus.  When the government says it is okay to open, quite a few will not be able to.

 A majority of people envision a rich businessman, as a person with gobs of money.  However, in most cases, the person is highly leveraged and knows how to manage his finances.  So, if this average rich man had to liquidate his businesses to raise cash, he might find himself broke.    It can be very hard to sell a 500-million-dollar company with 400 million in debts in a bad economy let alone shut down for 8 months.

 During the Great Depression many cities increased tax rates to make up for the shortfall from taxes collected. Their tax base had shrunk considerably.  A lot of wage earners had no taxable income, they were unemployed. The net result of the tax increases, owners let their homes go into foreclosure.  The cities found themselves owning the real estate.  The logic to raise taxes to increase tax receipts, backfired.  Notice that politicians don’t go to jail for incompetence, they usually just fade away. Their decisions during that era ruined many a family.

 In the 1929 crash, the stock market was owned by individual investors who thought they knew what they were doing. In the present market, huge mutual funds manage the market.  They are too big to get out of the market. The stock market is very vulnerable to a drastic reset, there is no reason for some of the prices, they are absurd.  It won’t be quick; it will be slow probably over three months. Everyone in the market knows what they are doing, wink, wink; they will go broke buying the dips.  Actually, in a long bull market it is very hard to lose money even if you are incredibly stupid. In the 70’s and 80’s I can remember a market, where whatever you bought, it went down.  The present investment advisors have never experienced a bear market.  Imagine what the taxes on your 401 k would be, if you tried to withdraw the whole amount at once from the market.  The government and your investment advisor are banking you won’t even consider it.  Any losses are not tax deductible.

 As the government’s rate of borrowing increases, interest rates will have to rise.    With rates rising and delinquent real estate hitting the markets, look for dropping home prices.  The monthly payment will remain the same (the price drops 50% and the interest rate doubles).  A bank offering a higher interest rates will see funds transfer overnight to their bank, reminiscent of the Savings and Loan fiasco of the 1990’s. Banks deposits are short term and they lend that money long term. The low long-term loans bankrupted the Saving and Loans when interest rates rose and depositors fled in search of higher rates.

 With a 2 percent interest rate, it takes about 33 years for your money to double.  At 5 percent interest rate, it takes about 14.4 years to double.  A thing to be aware of is that historically, interest rates reflected the risk of the investment.  That appears to be overlooked in the market of today. With the government “insuring” mortgage loans, most investors falsely perceive that there is no risk in the market. Two percent interest does not even cover the current rate of inflation of 7 percent.  If interest rates were to rise higher than 5 percent, the government would be insolvent; unable to pay the interest on the national debt or for that fact be able to finance Social Security and Medicare. What that would do to the bond market, which is 10 times bigger than the stock market, is hard to imagine or describe.

 In the present market, the best investments may be your home or precious metals. The caveat here, is do you have a job? I you don’t, there is no reason to buy either. If the Corona virus lockdown lasts much longer, things could get very difficult.  Most parts of our economic structure are stressed to the limit.  The only real sources of taxation for the government is earnings and visible assets; real estate, vehicles and retirement savings. If you are not working, you’re not paying taxes or your mortgage.

 The saving grace for our market under President Trump was the cut in business tax rates, this brought jobs back to the US and gave the rest of the world higher unemployment. After WWII the US economy surged supplying goods to the rest of the world.  Since then, the rest of the world has been making goods for the US.  This turn around of the US producing goods for itself, is a stimulus that was beginning to show results.  I’m not sure if the next administration will continue this policy.

 It looks like Congress is going to try to print its way out of the current economic instability.  At some point it has to fail. The current consensus is that it should work, because it has always worked in the past.  It’s a little like a mouse going back to the trap one more time for that last morsel of cheese.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Importance of the Supreme Court

People think that when they drive by a sign that says “littering $1,000” that it was a law passed by some legislative body, city, state, or Federal. And they are wrong.

 Here's how laws get created.  The city, state, or the Congress create departments and gives them directives to regulate.  That gives them the ability to write regulations and restrictions that relate to their governing function.  So, some bureaucrat determines the fines and penalties for violating whatever the department monitors. The regulations have the full backing of law enforcement.  With traffic, these bureaucrats set the fines for speeding, littering, parking fine rates and etc. There is no overriding commission to rule on its fairness or impropriety.

 A while back, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) after 100 years of doing nothing, decided to charge farmers for grazing their cattle on government land. They added a new list of regulations and laws from a previously created government directive.  This ended up with a standoff with guns drawn on both sides and the Feds blinked.  The BLM, had government backing to enforce the new laws, but they decided not to enforce it at that time.  They decided that when the violator to the “illegal” tax died, they would seize the estate and get their pound of flesh with interest.

 President Donald Trump has gotten rid of a lot of government regulations/directives.  It is these regulations that create situations like the one above.  I am not sure if the regulations written to limit grazing on government land has changed, but I hope that they have.  Many, many directives restrict how land may be used. Everyone is familiar with “environmental studies” that turn land useless because of an endangered species.

 The American public doesn’t really understand how our government works.  The legal system understands how laws are generated. It’s not too hard for a lawyer to tear one apart.  In most cases, that costs money, and usually the fine is a lot less than getting a lawyer.  This is what keeps the system functional, you don’t have the dollars or the time, to chase this in the courts. Until someone does, it is law.  The most damming regulation was that for hotels with a pool, to have a lift for paraplegics to use the pool.  Where does the business owner come up with the money to finance the purchase? The device costed about $10,000. Why would you want someone in your pool with no control over bodily functions?  

 When the government creates a department, that department gets to create government regulations or “laws.”  If a bureaucrat in charge, decides that every school must have a unisex bathroom, it has the force of law, the school must conform.  The school can then appeal to the courts for a ruling. It cost time and dollars to fight these regulations. It may be a couple of years before a court ruling decides the issue.

 Both the Republicans and the Democrats have used Presidential Directives. Also, the bureau heads of government departments often write new directives to circumvent Congress when they don’t have the votes to make it law. This is the real war going on for the Supreme Court.   Do we allow the President and the Bureau heads to write the laws and have the Supreme court agree with the ruling party, or do we have a Supreme court that holds everyone to the principles written in our Constitution?

 If a liberal court ruled that guns could not be owned by citizens, then they would be confiscated.  The odd thing about this confiscation, is that the people this would be enforced upon, would be home owners.  These people can be fined and if they don’t pay, their home is confiscated.  If you are homeless, a felon, or a renter, there isn’t much that can be done to you, so you get to keep your guns.  So, if you get a liberal Supreme Court that sides with the President, home owners become an extremely vulnerable group.  Just imagine if some bureaucrat decides that every home should have solar panels -- get out your wallet.  The people that will enforce the new regulations are already in place. They will just be doing their job, it’s not their fault. Net effect, you will own the solar panels before it gets to the Supreme court.

 Think about what the Democrats want to do to the Supreme Court.  Some bureaucrat may be making all of your decisions for you in the future.  The neat thing about that, is if you become a failure, it’s not your fault.  The real question; is it the bureaucrat or the Constitution that determines the final outcome? Nine justices on the Supreme Court will decide the issue.

I don't normally talk politics, but President Trump is fighting for for what this country was founded on.  Go out and vote.  I'm not sure of who will win, but he embodies the spirit that has made this country great.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

The True Perspective of the Corona Virus Stats.

 There are 331 million inhabitants in the United States. In a normal year (citing 2018 stats), there are 2.8 million deaths. 

This year so far, we have had about 200,000 deaths from corona virus. If we calculate the normal deaths per unit of population, by dividing 331 million people by the actual deaths, 2.8 million, (before Covid). You get 1 out of every 118 people will die in a given year. That number is not high if you intuitively figure that the 331 million people alive today, all will be dead in 80 years.

 Now let's calculate the same factor for the Covid virus and let’s assume that the total deaths for this year will reach 250,000 with a population of 331 million. And you get 1 out of every 1,324 people will die from the virus.

 When we divide the normal death rate group 118 into the Covid death group of 1,324. We get 11 people will die normally for every Covid death. So, it can be concluded that a person is 11 times more likely to die of natural causes than from the Corona virus.

 The overall death rate from natural causes overwhelms the deaths from the Virus 11 to 1. The death rate from the virus  does not warrant the drastic measures taken by governments all over the world. This is a panic that may be justified for people over 70; but this group of people already has one foot on a banana peel.  The shutdown destroys the economy for the young people who must somehow survive without the means to earn a living. Government solutions to control the virus are destroying our economies.  This quarantine in the US, will probably end after the election no matter who wins.

One million people dead out of 8 billion worldwide, from the Corona virus, sounds like a lot of people (if you concentrate on the one million dead). But if we calculate the expected normal death rate for the world with the present population (assuming everyone lives to be 80) expect to see 100 million deaths a year from natural causes.

If I were to die from Corona virus, the press would report, "See, he didn't believe how dangerous the virus was."  The real motive of the press in hyping the virus is to get viewers.  How do you do that? Feed on their fear. Now you understand why only one kid in the kingdom said "The emperor has no clothes."  Reality is a matter of the viewer's  perspective.  Chicken Little was very certain that the sky was falling.