Sunday, July 18, 2021

The New State Voter Laws

 The Democrats are claiming the new voter laws restrict voting, and it is really hard to figure.  It is almost as if they can look at a person and determine how they  will vote. Peculiarly it seems to be the black voter they are most interested in protecting.  If there is one vote to each franchised voter and it was done in person, the election would be determined by the vote. Common sense would suggest that if voter fraud was suspected, both Republicans and Democrats would be equally concerned, and that is just not the case.

The Democrats claim the need for mail in voting without identification, is rather absurd. Only 60 percent of the population votes in an election.  So, if everyone eligible to vote is sent a ballot, 40 percent do not care who wins and probably won’t return their ballot.  At this point the blank ballots could be sold for cash.  Notice that, that option disappears if the voter has to show up in person to vote.  If only 70 percent of the voters return a ballot, then there is the chance that 30 percent of the unreturned ballots could be “voted” by a third party, not the intended voter.  If they don’t need to be signed by the voter, it makes it very easy to enter them as valid votes in an election.

In a two-party system, the voters are usually evenly split.  40 percent Republican and 40 percent Democrat.  So, in order to steal an election, you need to estimate what party, the 20% swing voters are going to vote for. As a corrupt official, you are not interested in who votes for whom. Most of the votes cancel each other out. You’re interested in how many votes are needed to swing the election.  At this point, you can either print the ballots or purchase the ballots from voters who would rather have the money. With a budget of 50 million dollars, 100,000 votes could be purchased at $500 apiece. All you have to do then, is mail them in or put them in a drop box and you are done. 

Voter registration drives in certain areas, is a point to concentrate upon, when purchasing votes.  Get prospective voters to register, then volunteer to come back and help them fill out the ballot and deliver it for them.  The person picking up the votes would probably pay the “voter” $50 to $500 for each vote. He might pay a druggie $50 and keep $450 for himself.  A woman with 4 kids might get $400 and so on.  You give the vote collector $10,000 in cash and tell him to come back with 20 blank but signed ballots.

Another thing about mail in votes, is that the government can literally scan your ballot and tell how you voted. You might wake up after the election and find out that you have been signed up for retraining indoctrination. Your “white privilege” can be documented.

Mail in ballots compromise our voting system, giving people the right to sell their vote.  And in today’s elections where hundreds of millions are spent on each candidate, this can be an abuse that can end democracy.  A lot of people don’t vote because they think their vote doesn’t count. They could be right if they live in Detroit or New York City.  Ever wonder why?