Monday, February 26, 2007

Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

The question has to come up sooner or later. Why put money in the bank with these lousy interest rates?? Using the rule of 72, when you divide the savings rate into it (3%), you get the number of years for your money to double. In this case, it's 24 years. The inflation will eat you alive. A $100,000 in 1964 dollars is equivalent to $1,000,000 in purchasing power by today’s standards. So, to make it simple, over the last 44 years, we have had 90% inflation. The decimal point has been moved one space to the right. In 1964 gas was 30 cents a gallon and a house cost $20,000. Today gas is $2.65 a gallon and a house is around $200,000 (definitely not California!).

Examine a concept that is being glossed over and not taken at face value. Every house, stock, bond or mutual fund share has an owner at every instant in time. The certainty is, selling at the top is good and buying at the top is bad. Every dead horse has an owner (owning one is not a desirable thing unless you process dog food).

So let’s see, we have a zillion houses out there that are empty. We have 424,805 bankruptcies and 154,910 foreclosures nation wide according to The question comes to mind, who’s footing the bill? The money has been spent, just whose money was it?

It looks like the next thing to drop dead is going to be a credit card company. Wouldn't that be a real mess! Every layoff is a potential no pay. How many credit cards do you have in your wallet??

Any way you look at it, somebody OWNS all of this junk that is going bad. Its almost a forgone conclusion that whoever it is, has no idea of their vulnerability or their potential liability. Naturally this will all go away if we just close our eyes. My retirement fund or mutual fund couldn’t be that stupid or could it?

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