Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sore Losers

The peculiar reception by the Democrats of Donald Trump becoming President (the out of whack protests) gives me pause to think that the transition of power is one that will shift accountability into a new peridium. The Democrats (Socialist) are pissed, the free lunch is over. It’s no longer food stamps and health care; now you make a choice, food or the cell phone.

Smart government can get to those gaming the system. Many have been taking advantage of government programs too dumb to manage themselves. You can’t blame the people that take advantage of the free handouts.

The real issue here, is that the “Old Democrats” who lost are Socialists and the “New Republicans” are Democrats with more of a bias towards big business. In this morass, the Democratic party has no idea of why they lost, and in reality, they didn’t. I’m not going to enlighten them, that Trump is a Democrat.

A nest of hornets has been stirred up,the Socialists (AKA Democrats)and it will take time for them to calm down. My only worry, I think I can safely confirm that half of the voters in this country are too incompetent to have the right to vote. The good thing is that most of them didn't vote, they just protest after the fact. Real freedom to them, is the ability to wet their pants when they feel like it and I can't argue with that logic.


Sackerson said...

Hi, Jim. This piece is superb:

AIM said...

Hi Jim. I'm going to disagree on one point you made. I don't think they will calm down. I think that this is a major division in our country that has finally come to the surface and exploded. The schism is between the neo-liberals and the conservatives. The neo-liberals have destroyed America with their Marxist policies and methods that destroy productivity, self-sufficiency, the family unit, safety and liberty. And, they are DEEPLY embedded in government and our institutions. A civil war has begun and I believe it will get worse because the neo-liberals would rather blow up and destroy our country than lose their power position. I believe this populous movement will be like a pendulum swing throughout our Western world. It is happening in the EU right now: Brexit was first and there will be more to follow like France, Italy, Portugal, etc. Trump's victory and the Brexit vicotry will act as an example to embolden others. There will be a cascade. The establishment is going to go bonkers and try to take everyone with them as they go down. I see a victory for humanity and an end to the oppressive, socialist globalism of which we've been headed. Yay Trump. Yay Brexit. Yay La Pen. Power to the people.

Jim in San Marcos said...

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Jim in San Marcos said...


I think that the protesting over here will die down, the same old news day after day will fade into oblivion. I'm tired of watching protestors on TV with bullhorns that are spouting rhetoric.

I agree with you that this could spread to other countries. Everyone was sold a hotdog on a bun with relish, and all that they got was the bun.

As you suggest this could snowball into something bigger if the rest of the world sobers up. And like you, I hope it does.

AIM said...

Jim: I still say it is not going to calm down. The DEEPLY embedded neo-liberal establishment will continue to oppose Trump and the populists. They are no different than a wounded and cornered animal; and are that dangerous. Out of desperation they will do anything and destroy anything to achieve their goals.

I beileve that we are moving into a very divisive period in our history--we are going into a full blown civil war. Harmony, unification, shared purpose and goals, and agreed upon domestic and foreign agendas are necessary to have a strong and evolving country. We don't have that. And are moving further away from the chance of ever having that.

I don't think I'm being fatalistic or a fount of doom & gloom. I think I'm being a realist. I just hope that the principles of liberty, constitutionalism, conservatism, true capitalism, morality and pro-survival thinking can triumph in this war.