Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Our Political System is in Shambles

When Obama won the election in 2008, I felt a loss, my party had not won. I lived with it for 4 years never protesting, and I noticed that most Republicans did the same. Obama came up for re election and won again and I lived with the loss even though I severely disagreed with everything he was doing.

In the last election, my candidate won over all odds. It hasn’t even been two weeks since Trump has been in office, and there are protests over every little thing he does.

Everyone that is a Democrat has an opinion that they believe that they have to enlighten the listening public with. They can’t sit still for this injustice and have to protest. The trouble is it is getting just as bad on the Republican side. They also have an opinion that they want to broadcast to the listener. I can point out the obvious. Everyone is talking, but nobody is listening to them, they don’t understand that.

The Republicans gave the Democrats 8 years of no protesting. The Democrats have given the President his first two weeks of nothing but protesting.

I would suggest that the people in the street protesting Trumps election, are the Fascists. If you are against immigration, you are perceived as unamerican. Of course, if we go back to pre-world war Germany, if you weren’t against the Jews, you were NOT considered a German patriot by the protesting masses. It was the people NOT in power, that wanted to dictate, the values the Democracy was to hold sacred. And we know how that turned out.

We have a new President that has been in office two weeks. My question, what has happened to the Democrats in Congress? They think that the end of the world is near with the election of Donald Trump?

I took a double blast of Obama for 8 years and the world was on a normal turn of events every day of his Presidency. Now we have President Trump and a bunch of Democratic Congressmen and news commentators that think the United States is in a horrible mess because of this transition of power. I question their judgement, only because, I accepted the last 8 years of a Democrat that I considered a complete idiot.

Where we go from here, is an open question, but I think we need to give President Trump more than two weeks to arrive at a conclusion.

Congressman Schumer is the sort of idiot that need to understand that they don’t give Congresswusses an Emmy for crying on TV. Forgive me, I have digressed.

Let’s give our new President one year, and then voice an opinion. Why do I think that this will not happen? Ans: Democrats want it their way or the highway. A fine way to define Democracy!


AIM said...

Jim: I still say it is not going to calm down. The DEEPLY embedded neo-liberal establishment will continue to oppose Trump and the populists. They are no different than a wounded and cornered animal; and are that dangerous. Out of desperation they will do anything and destroy anything to achieve their goals.

I beileve that we are moving into a very divisive period in our history--we are going into a full blown civil war. Harmony, unification, shared purpose and goals, and agreed upon domestic and foreign agendas are necessary to have a strong and evolving country. We don't have that. And are moving further away from the chance of ever having that.

I don't think I'm being fatalistic or a fount of doom & gloom. I think I'm being a realist. I just hope that the principles of liberty, constitutionalism, conservatism, true capitalism, morality and pro-survival thinking can triumph in this war.

dearieme said...

It's all very grim. Looking back, it seems the Cold War helped the US population to feel a common purpose. It's been a generation since it ended, and you now see some of the consequences.

The lunatic notion of the neo-fascists on the Left that it would be a good idea to provoke a war with Russia would not generate a common purpose, or at least not one worth having. Their apparent attraction to the idea is perhaps the most dangerous American political development of my lifetime - even dafter than JFK's playing silly buggers with the soviets.

Jim in San Marcos said...


I think our chances of a financial meltdown are greater than any political civil confrontation.

What you say, could happen but if it doesn't, neither of us will be disappointed that your prediction did not come true.

I define a Pessimist as an Optimist with experience. The neat thing about being a pessimist, almost all news is good news. Time will tell. I don't think it will get as bad, as you envision.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

I am confused. "neo-fascists on the Left" I interpret as socialistic democrats. They do consider the Russians a threat, but Trump is out there willing to make peace with them. A nuclear war with Russia would lead to world starvation. I'm not sure what you are suggesting.

dearieme said...

Jim, by "neo-fascists on the Left" I mean firstly the scum who are rioting, beating people up, trying to apply censorship, and so forth. But I also mean the politicians and money men behind them, who so much wanted Hellary as President, and presumably therefore wished to provoke war with Russia.

Mind you, the Trumpsters had better be careful not to provoke a war with China. I suspect that those huge nuclear-powered carriers of the USN would prove terribly vulnerable targets.

AIM said...

Guess I'm a pessimist Jim, because to me... unless highly evolved and peaceful aliens arrive and take over the planet as benevolent dictators, or the Scientologist's technology of "clearing man of his destructive intentions and aberrations" spreads throughout the planet... I'm afraid to say that it is not IF there will be a WWIII but WHEN there will be a WWIII. Man is insane, is deeply programmed and his history is one of continuous violence, war and destruction. A fact of life.

Don't want to get all philosophical with everybody on this blog, but... something very significant, very specific and very effective would have to occur in order to facilitate a positive change to the existing state of man. Ideas anyone?

Anonymous said...

A WWIII event would make the left and right work together

AIM said...

Anon 11:49 -- Work together?! How about die together?
Man runs on his animalistic mind. In Norther Exposure, Woody Allen's mother said, "Humans are just monkeys with car keys." How prosaic. The facts that there are so many countries today with nuclear warheads and launching capabilities, and that the leaders are humans, are facts than man can not confront. If they were able to be confronted, we'd all be running around in the correct state of mind... people on the edge of extinction... running around like chickens with their heads cut off... demanding that this potential for destruction be eliminated completely and terminatedly. That man went so far as to create these weapons and cause their proliferation is all you need to know.

AlaBikeDr said...

The doomsday clock has been around 5 till midnight for a long time. As a long time anti-war kind of person, I have tended Democratic because Reagan who wanted more military spending beat Carter who was actually a military veteran but not so enamored of War. Bush Senior was Reagan light and popped a few countries namely Panama and Iraq. Clinton moved right and supported the militarists to win. It's called moving to the center. He bombed Serbia to liberate Kosovo and pissed off Russia. The neocons in his employ were hard at work justifying Middle East intervention which they got when Bush the younger was elected. He came in hankering for war with Iraq, whether to placate Cheney or "defend" the Saddam assassination attempt on his father. Or to just nail down Iraqi oil for US use. They may even have believed that they could liberate Iraq and have them cheering in the streets like Paris in WWII. So the War Party is Republican. I think we can all name the big companies that benefit from War. Democrats played catchup with mortgage financing. Another boondoogle. Obama as drone commander has done his share of war making. Maybe Americans just like War--we certainly like our soldiers who are just trying to get a job to get ahead AND do their duty. Currently there is too much money (debt) and most people don't have any so things are very unstable. Which country is most likely in the next 10 years to use a nuclear weapon? I put the likelihood low because I am an optimist and I don't really want to know the real likelihood. So in order: US, N Korea, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, all the others. It strikes me that a less interventionist foreign policy would be a help but I have heard Clinton say his greatest regret is NOT intervening in Rwanda. Can we all get along? Somebody is going to have to sacrifice something and mean it and be appreciated for it....