Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Federal Reserve An Impotent Institution

Let’s get this straight, the Federal Reserve is about to raise the Fed funds rate by ¼ of a percent. The business television hosts are discoursing ad nausea on this. If they were to raise it 3% that might do something.

One quarter of one percent is almost too small to measure. The phrase “Canary fart” comes to mind." The Federal Reserve thinks that raising the interest rate a minuscule amount is going to change the celestial motion of the heavenly bodies?

The idea that this is discussed as a plausible item on the business shows, kind of tells you that many people have lost their true perspective of the markets. An increase of ¼ point from zero is a pittance and a joke.

As long as the Federal Reserve can dictate very low interest rates, there is no reason to save. Common sense suggests that cash stashed in your mattress is better than cash stashed in the bank. Where to from here?--- Buy Gold, Silver and Platinum, the price is right!

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AIM said...

One financial writer likened The Fed to "a bunch of ancient alchemists sitting around in robes and hats with moons and stars on them, arguing over whether changing the temperature by 1/4% will turn a clod of mud into gold or not". In other words... they are IMPOSTORS! They truly are a bunch of clueless clowns, taking their marching orders from a bunch of clueless clowns. All operating off of misguided agendas, that nothing but harmful to the peoples of earth.

That prosperity can be created by printing money, lowering interest rates, and other interventions is pure sophism.

When all of their shenanigans culminates in a major collapse, they will then eventually be recognized by the people for the inept and corrupt clowns that they are. Yet, by the time the majority reach that conclusion it will be very late in the story and we'll all be suffering to some degree as collateral damage.