Monday, September 14, 2015

Obama Land

Let’s see, half of the US is for Obamacare and half is against it. Then there is half against the Iranian deal and half for it. Immigration is another 50/50 split. There is one assumption being glossed over, that it is the same 50 percent in disagreement in all three cases. Obama has stepped on enough toes to have worn out his welcome. The thing that bothers me is that he has done it with an “Air” of authority. It reminds me of a person I worked in the past that smoked cigarettes. Most people that smoke are careful to tap their ashes into some sort of ash tray. This person would have a long ash on his cigarette, give you eye contact and then with you watching, tap the ashes onto the floor with kind of a head nod, suggesting that he hit the spot he intended.

Obama has found a way to circumvent Democracy, the rule of many with the rule of the few. His Presidential edicts poison the art of compromise. We no longer have a country united, we have a country divided by argument. His inability to see the Arab Spring as a mess waiting to happen is probably his greatest failure. Egypt will recover, but Libya is gone. Syria could be fixed, Russia is sending in troops. Syria’s president may not be well liked, but he is not a religious fanatic and he has the infrastructure to keep the country running by killing those that want to upset the apple cart. We didn’t like Saddam Hussain, but he kept order in his country. The refugees fleeing want order and they do not want to be drafted into a war. It’s kind of like the people that fled Europe to colonize North America. They didn’t want to fight in other people’s wars.

Preserving order is the prime directive. You cannot give a country Democracy, it doesn’t work that way. Raising the minimum wage, doesn’t solve poverty, more education doesn’t produce better paying jobs for many graduates.

We are not going to give the rest of the world Democracy when people are willing to die to further a religion because of their hopeless condition in this life; the right to vote never put food on the table. Religion gives the poor a new option, a better afterlife (notice how there is no way to argue that).

Where to from here? There lies the uncertainty. But one thing is sure, just as you need ugliness in order to define beauty, you need an example of incompetence in order to measure success. Obama land is a measure of incompetence, we can use it as a guide of what not to do in the future.

In a lighter sense, this is probably the first US President to have a sticker from every country in the world on his luggage. Job well done Mr. Tourist! And done on our dime—go figure--a real goldbrick!


AIM said...

Worst "president" that America has ever had.
A Marxist America and US Constitution hater.

AIM said...

And he served two terms!

America you are OUT TO LUNCH!

Unknown said...

Jim, you are a voice of reason and wisdom among the masses who mostly don't care and dumbed down by the constant distraction of their iphones and facebook.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anthony

Thank you very much for your critique....My wife can't accuse me of writing it.

Take care and God bless

Jim in San Marcos said...


Trump could be the answer, and it would seem a bit strange.

But we didn't get to where we are at now by design. Go figure!

Unknown said...

Hi Jim,

I tend to believe both sides and all candidates are already bought by the big corps. Obama, like Trump, also looked different when he was campaigning, he's black, grew up in a Muslim country and his slogan was "change" but he offered more of the same once he became president. Those who refuse to play ball with the big corporations have a slim chance of getting there in the first place. And if by some fluke even got elected, they have their way of getting rid of inconveniences.

dearieme said...

You've had three dud presidents in a row, and each for two terms. Bush the Elder, who at least was a grown-up, got only one term.

You could do with another Eisenhower. None seems to be available.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

I'm not so sure. I can only think of two Presidents that were spineless when it came to foreign policy, Carter and Obama. Usually the President in office gets the blame or the credit for what happens during his reign, when most of it is deserved by the Congress. Obamas problem came when he snuck one by Congress with Obama care. He destroyed a bunch of unwritten rules that have created a deadlock in Congress.

Obama might not be spineless, but he has a real sunshine attitude about the rest of the world. He is a real Shirley Temple on the good ship Lollypop. This do-gooder has started a mass migration in Europe and has no idea that he caused it. All he wanted to do was give everyone Democracy.

AIM said...

Obama: attorney, constitutional "expert" (HA!), marxist/socialist, milk-toast, inexperienced, incompetent, owned by the oligarchy, completely unqualified for a leadership role. And he rubs salt into our wounds by all of the expensive vacations and golf outings done on the taxpayer's dollar. He should be drawn and quartered, as should 98% of Congress and all of the Supreme Court.

AIM said...

Where to from here Jim?
How about nowhere and just a slow erosion downwards?
Whoever is in the oval office in 2016 will just be the next engineer at the frozen controls, on the runaway train.
President is pretty much a figurehead in this country. Really can't do that much.
It's Congress, Federal Reserve, Supreme Court, Pentagon, CIA/NSA/FBI, Lobbyists/Corps, and a combination of them that form the Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex that cause most of the changes in our nation.
We don't have any leaders. All the current candidates are just the same old same old of the status quo (Trump included, he's not a leader.)
Where to from here? That's easy. We're on a runaway train at the end of the line is a cast iron wall.
That is where to.

Anonymous said...

This sure is a slow moving blog. Maybe its because of the depression.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anon 6:06

I do work 40 hours a week, repair a few computers on the side and am building a rather nice one for myself. The last two weeks I've been upgrading the video camera surveillance system for the house, and studying for the MS 70-680 exam, so that hasn't left me much time to write.

I will agree that this depression is a very slow moving one. Only because people still refuse to acknowledge its existence. I had to chuckle today when the news announcer stated that the employment rate dropped to 142,000 from an expected 200,000 and the unemployment rate stayed the same because less people were looking for work.

So after I finish my chores, I'll set back down and write a bit, I don't have to cut the lawn this week, its dead from water restrictions.