Sunday, September 06, 2015

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

In the past, Saddam Hussain in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, had a well-paid crew of police and informants that kept the population in order. Religion was out of the mix, if in doubt, execute. The driving force was dispersal of oil money to those who could control the population. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. For most people the difference between democracy and a dictatorship is that in a dictatorship, you have a government to blame for your predicament, where here in the US, you have a list of reasons to choose from.

In Libya today, there is big money to be made, supplying refugees with flimsy boats for a trip to Italy, which is really a travesty. Their citizens have no means to effectively fight a bunch of gangsters with guns, so they vote with their feet. It’s a little like a movie where the bad guy wins and rides off into the sunset with your girlfriend or daughter.

If a group could be found to finance an invasion of Libya with a force of 30,000 mercenaries at 25K per mercenary, (we would be talking about 1.5 billion dollars) (750 million for wages and the rest for ammunition) the need for migration would end. Upon securing the country, the invader would have about 8 billion a year from oil sales. Kind of like what the Duke of Normandy did in 1066 to England.

The thing that really bothers me is our government’s meddling in the Middle East, and not taking any responsibility for the mess created. Millions of people trying to emigrate in life rafts to escape from a country that we have freed from dictatorship???? It doesn’t sound like we are going to get a thank you note from any of them.


AIM said...

Looks like it is just you and I over this weekend Jim. I was the only commenter on your last post.

The deep government (security agencies, Pentagon and crony corps, especially defense related) have their own idea of foreign policy and goals for the USA which have been being implemented for decades. The population of the USA is "out of the loop" and just along for the ride. Deep Government (the real government) is messing with the Middle East based on their own agenda. I think the plan is to disrupt and keep the ME in a state of flux so that they can never organize, and to also get access to their natural resources (mostly oil).

What's that old saying? Treat them like a mushroom... "Keep them in the dark and feed them a lot of BS"?

Jim in San Marcos said...


Your post before nailed it. I tend to classify it as bumbling incompetence, a far cry from any "skilled secret government plan." Of course the latter implies that they know what they are doing. If you ever read the "Peter Principle." you know what I mean. People are usually promoted to their level of incompetency and go no further from there. In government, that rule can be overlooked, Obama comes to mind. He has good intensions, but there is the saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intensions." He's doing a damn good job of paving it!

AIM said...

Yes, there is incompetence for certain; and behind that lies a tremendous lack of knowledge in government and leadership too (operating off of false data as regards economics, prosperity, education, sociology, etc.). Yet, the desire to be re-elected... remain in power... obtain more tax revenues... give paybacks... do favors... partisanship... etc. etc. is what forms the "skilled secret government plan" and thus the unintended and destructive intentions that cause our nation so much hardship and holds down the productive capacity of the USA. Most people can't confront evil so they poo poo the idea of a conspiracy. Yet their is evil in this world and there are a lot of evil people that are at head of state heights. The pudding that has been formed is a mix of evil, special agendas, conflicting agendas, incompetence, cluelessness, false data, immorality, short-sightedness, etc. etc. which is all a recipe for destruction.

Here's a concept for you: Ask any average American on the street, or any average politician or law maker, or any government employee, or any military officer or any professional in the private sector... What are America's goals domestically? What are our goals globally? What are our principles? What are we attempting to achieve for posterity?

All you'll get is a bunch of people with glazed over eyes who stammer and wonder.

We are an unfettered boat drifting along in the tide, with no direction, and lord knows where we are headed and where we will wind up. This is the result of the "leadership" that we have had in this country over the last century or so.

Anonymous said...

Russia, meanwhile, has strong leadership and direction, at least with Syria. I doubt this will end well.

AIM said...

Syria, Russia and Iran vs. ISIS (created by the USA's CIA).
Ha ha. What a slap in the face to Obama/USA.
The West and Israel ain't getting that oil pipeline to go through Syria.
Like I said above, we are an unfettered boat.
With foreign policy numb nuts like Clinton, Kerry and Obama we are just bungling along without any sane long-term agenda, certain to wind up in more trouble and wind up killing more of our young men (our military) and adding to our national debt.
Someone save us from these corrupt clowns.

Anonymous said...

There is still one way that the USA can recover from these fools in Washington. Once the current administration is washed away, they can simply rewrite the common core history books to make them appear as hero's.