Monday, January 15, 2018

The Hyperbolic Moral Indignation of the Democrats Towards President Trump

I cannot understand the fiery rage of Democrats over the Trump election. I had no rage over Obama being elected. I didn’t like what he did, but I didn’t stand on a street corner denouncing him with every Anglo-Saxon curse word in the books, for a whole year.

Trump’s rescinding of previous Presidential directives has given new life to areas of our economy that were over regulated by the EPA. Southern ranchers stood up to the EPA for new grazing charges for range land that they had used for over a 100 years. The judge just recently threw the charges out that the bureaucrats at the EPA tried to enforce. Most people don’t understand that most of our laws are created by some bureaucrat working in an agency. Whether it is just or unjust has to be determined by a court of law. As we all know, that can take a lot of time and money. This person in that office, has all of the resources at their command to enforce the laws it created.

Trump is not really a politician. But that is a good thing. BS is not something that you want to push with him. The country is starting to move in a positive direction. Most of the media will belittle that fact and magnify Trumps latest impropriety. Many of the TV channels devoted to the Democrats have been magnifying what they perceive as Trumps ineptitude.

I kind of get the feeling that the Democrats don’t believe the election is over yet. By hook or by crook, they want a Democrat in the White House. Trump has not violated any laws and is being called names that are so school-yard-ish, that they are laughable. The Republicans won the Presidency, and are being punished for winning. The Democrats in both houses oppose any legislation that was part of the Republican platform for election. The move by Democrats to impeach Trump for winning the election smacks of treason.

Many people in the US today have a very absurd interpretation of what Democracy is. “I can do what I want and other people be damned,” or “I can protest until I get my way.” It just doesn’t work that way. Democracy is like a woven cloth or a team of horses with a shared purpose.

The basics of compromise that kept the country running efficiently are gone. 20 trillion in debt, the Pied Piper could present his bill at any time and “we the people,” cannot pay it. I think this is why many Congressmen are quitting, they see the handwriting on the wall. The shear frustration of the stubbornness in Congress; “my way or the highway,” or the phone call threats on their families.

Trump’s has informed the Democrats that the Socialism orgy is over and I’m sure they are not happy. The Democrat's platform appears to be for big business, big money and Socialism for the masses. Trump on the other hand, is for the guy on the street and jobs. Somewhere, Somehow, the two parties switched political platforms. The press has called President Trump every name in the book except one; “A filthy rich Democrat with a knock out wife.” IMHO he is one—his only flaw, he lacks the corruption baggage. I believe he wants to go down in history as a pragmatist that solved quite a few problems. Let’s see if he will be given the chance.


dearieme said...

If their slow-motion coup doesn't work will they resort to shooting him?

By the way, Jim, I wondered if you might enjoy this remarkable story. It certainly made me laugh.

dearieme said...

Jim, let me add a second link. This fund manager's view of the world economy (bottom half of p3, and p4) seems to me more interesting than most.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

Thank you for the links. I can't figure out how that kid got so far with what he did. I work in IT and as a computer tech, that could happen here also, Dumpster diving is the best way to get company info, especially a phone directory.

The second link was also quite informative. It reinforces my political beliefs, but on the sad side, does nothing to change anyone on the other side.

Thank you again

Take care


dearieme said...

"Dumpster diving is the best way to get company info, especially a phone directory." I once found a company's list, perhaps nearly 100 pages long, of confidential IT files and identifiers, left on a seat of a train from King's Cross to Cambridge. What should one do with such a find?

AIM said...

Trump has shaken up the establishment and is a major threat. The establishment is corrupt, misguided and ineffective and is programmed to send this country into its grave. Trump isn't a leader, economic genius, political scholar, etc. but I'll take him, or anyone else who can disrupt the system, any time over a career politician. As far as I'm concerned Congress belongs in prison.

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