Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fewer Presidential Executive Directives For the New Year

Most people think that the laws of this country are passed by the Congress and State legislatures. That is not the case. In most cases, a Government department is created and funded by Congress. The head of that department is responsible for writing the code of laws. If the traffic department wants to write a law that has a fine of $300 for sneezing at a stop sign, you pay the fine or hire a lawyer for $1,000.

So, what is happening? We have a President that is starting to eliminate a lot of these directives that gave these agencies regulatory authority over us. The EPA has lost about 770 employees and they are not being replaced. It was those people claiming that the car companies were getting better gas mileage due to their regulations. The truth was, the increased mileage was due to the forced production of more fuel-efficient economy cars than high performance models. By averaging the overall mileage as a group, you got the desired result. You could still buy both, but you paid more for the gas guzzler (get rid of ethanol additive to your gas, and you might even see an extra 4 miles a gallon).

Basically, the President enforces the laws. As chief enforcer, he can write Executive Directives to define how a department functions and can issue directives on how to execute the law. Obama did this with the border guards by limiting their authority to arrest and detain people crossing into our country illegally.

Obama’s presidency was fraught with Executive Directives for everything. Bureaucrats were deciding what was right for you to do or not do. If you didn’t march to their drummer, you were fined or jailed. This ranged from whole wheat bread in school lunches to grazing charges for cattle on government lands.

We are slowly emerging from this Obama fiasco of government regulations for everything, to one of less government regulation. The Trump administration brings anticipation of less supervision and more economic freedom.

Let’s ring in the new year and forget that we are Democrats or Republicans. Of course, with Congress it is very hard to forget what Obama did with health care. He taught the Republicans that he didn’t need them for anything. Attitudes matter, and I think the Democratic party is going to get pay-back in the coming new year. Hopefully less government regulation will turn the economy loose.

Here is hoping the new year 2018, brings prosperity and happiness for all.

From our family to yours, Have a Happy New Year Everyone!


Darvinian said...

"Here is hoping the new year 2018, brings prosperity and happiness for all.

From our family to yours, Have a Happy New Year Everyone!"

you planning to change the name of the blog?



Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Darvinian

No not really. I won't change the name of the blog.

What happened in 2006 from then on was a lot of government spending and manipulation

The government hasn't solved the problem but only postponed it.

The banks failed in 2008 and the government bailed them out. They had to, this is where the government borrows money from.

This time when the stock market collapses we will have the collapse that didn't happen in 2008. It will be different, but my argument is that this depression has been in progress for many years, and now it will come to fruition. Everyone will get burned.

dearieme said...

"The government hasn't solved the problem but only postponed it." Spot on.

"my argument is that this depression has been in progress for many years, and now it will come to fruition. Everyone will get burned." That's my worry too.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

And anyone else listening.

If things tank, only precious metals like gold and silver will save you.

Get some while you can. Platinum is the buy of the century, the price is low and 10 times rarer than gold.

Its going to be an interesting year ahead of us. Lets hope it is a good one.

Darvinian said...

Everyone suffering makes no sense, there are those on the right side and those on the wrong, simple.

There are plenty of people who have gold and silver that also took advantage of the stock market booms in the last few decades.

You can buy insurance and still drive your car fast, those two aren't mutually exclusive.

Everyone who only bought precious metals and waited for the economy to collapse will only get paid when "everyone suffers", but at that point, what have you gained?

When all your loved ones are suffering because they didn't plan right and you sit on a mound of wealth, will you be happy....

You just better hope you have a way to protect yourself because when people have nothing, well, they have nothing to lose either. When every one suffers, you and I will too.

Let us hope that it never gets that bad!


Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Darvinian

Surviving is a group effort. I am suggesting that buying gold platinum and silver is a way to protect part of your earnings. Figure 10% of your net worth as an insurance investment.

Historically we have seen how the German Republic went from Democracy to dictatorship. Their democracy trashed the monetary system and ruined the savings of everyone. Hitler had no problem getting power. This could still happen in the USA.

When I was a kid, in 1956 a millionaire was someone. In todays world, a rich person is a billionaire with hopes of being a trillionaire. Silver, Gold and Platinum still have that real feel. I like it.

If there is a currency collapse, you and I are prepared to help those who we love.