Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ron Paul Are You Listening?

This isn’t an endorsement; rather it’s an attack on both the Republicans and the Democrats. We have a President that has split the country with his health care program. Don’t assume that the ones disagreeing with him on health care are the ones that didn’t vote for him. Then we have a Republican Mitt Romney that makes 21 million a year who was governor of Massachusetts and seems to like universal health care. Why is he even bothering to run? This is the Republicans knight in shining armor? It’s kind of like his first Crusade, he’s not sure who he’s going to vanquish, but he’s polished up and ready to go. Get the dragon ready.

In several elections in the past, a third party candidate has thrown the election to the incumbent. Ross Perot comes to mind, and everything that he ran on and claimed would happen, has happened. (He lost to someone who forever changed the concept on how to enjoy a good cigar)

The real thing to look at here is if Obama wins, we have a "TV personality," with a captive audience, who will lecture us for another 4 long years, on what we are doing wrong (yawn). If Romney wins, he’ll be blamed for the impending financial disaster. From there, the Democrats would stand to win the next election no matter what.

I don’t see Mitt Romney being the right Republican choice for President. What voter wants to give his vote to the guy who already has everything? (“Vote for me and I’ll let you wash my Yacht”). In a depression, not too many folks are inclined to vote for a rich Republican.

Normally, I vote Republican except when there is an incumbent. My grandfather gave me some advice, “Never change horses in mid-stream.” So if the Supreme Court, votes down the health care bill, I’d feel safe with Obama at the helm. It’s not like he is steering the boat, but we can let him take the blame for what Congress has done, and will do over the coming 4 years.

There are two people out there, well known enough to run as independents, Ron Paul and Chris Christie, (governor of New Jersey). Ron Paul is a voice that talks common sense; he is addressing the national debt as a real issue and no one is really taking him seriously. Chris Christie is producing results that are working for his state. I don’t see either of them on the ballot. Maybe it is time for a third party. This is one time, where many voters might entertain voting for an Independent, it might not be viewed as “throwing your vote away.” Do we dare confront the Democrats and Republicans? I don’t care to vote for either one of them, they have blamed each other for all of our problems.

Do we vote for the Used Car Salesman or the guy with the Yacht? Not much of a choice is it?

Copyright 2012 by Jim Brubaker


AIM said...

Yes, we are ripe for a 3rd party. The Dems and Repubs have failed us miserably and need to be relegated to the past. Wish Ron Paul would begin the 3rd party movement but he asserts that he has no plan to do so. It would really shake up the nation and the powers that be to see how many Americans would line up with a new party that is small government and liberty minded.

Jubilee said...

Why wouldn't he run? I don't understand what the downside for him would be. His political career is over, he is retiring after this. Might as well go down with a big fight!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is too old to be elected (he'd be 80 at the end of his first term). He is just using this campaign to get the word out and educate the youth. That is why so many of his events are at high schools and colleges. He is educating the youth so that they will vote out the status quo.

Romney and Obama are pretty much tied as regards the 2 party votes. Romney has the lead as regards independent votes.

It will be one or the other but does it even matter at this point?

Dan Mac said...

"From there, the Democrats would stand to win the next election no matter what. "


Anonymous said...

Vote for Obama and vote to keep all current pols in Congress. This will guarantee that Bernanke also remains the Fed Chairman. This is the fastest, guaranteed method of collapsing this system so that we can then finally build a new one.

Don't vote for anyone who is going to "fix" the system or "turn things around". It is beyond salvage. It has been corrupted. The federal government has too much power and the Keynesian central banking system is a cancer.

New society, new system, new America.

Anonymous said...


Interesting post Jim, but you seem to be missing the elephant in the room. Why is Romney even in the running when he failed miserably as a candidiate last go around? No one liked him then... why now? Everyone on the blog can adorn my tin hat with all the comments they want... I really don't care.

I believe without a shadow (pun intended) of a doubt that the American people do not control the outcome of a presidential race. Nor do they control who gets the nomination. The media has become an extension of the government and it's agenda Jim. Can we all say New World Order?

Were told that at the state or federal level there is no official screening process for office of president... and that its the job of the media to vet the candidates. Did they really do that bad of a job, or was it by design?

Our elections, the government and the media remind me of a game of Thimblerig that never ends. The "shell man" is the shadow government behind all the deception and fraud. The shells are the state-run media outlets doing the coverup. The pea under the shells is the President himself, being shuffled around keeping everyone guessing what is really going on.

Were loosing our freedom and liberty everyday that goes by Jim, and the general populous is oblivious. It would require much more than a three ring media circus and an election to resolve the country's corruption and destruction.


Dave the Dog said...

Hi Jim,

As an outsider to the US I do not like to comment on the internal politics although I am an interested observer. But this time I'll have a go . . .

The political spectrum in the USA is far too narrow for a third party. There are three positions on the traditional spectrum that a third party could occupy.
1st - left of the Dems . . . never happen as they would be painted as “Socialist” and would only get minimal support.
2nd - between Dems and Reps . . . there’s no space in there for policies different from either party as they are already very close to each other.
3rd - right of the Reps . . . possible but anyone creating this party knows it splits the vote of the Right handing the election to the Dems . . . who they generally loathe more than the Reps . . . this party would only be created if they believe that they can win the election by grabbing enough Rep votes to beat the Dems . . . Ross Perot may have believed this . . .???
The only hopes for a third party are in the space between the Dems/Reps so they could split the vote from both parties . . . is there enough “clear blue water” between them? I don’t think so . . . not at the moment but the gap may be widening with another Obama term?

Just my opinion from over the sea.


Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Dave the Dog

You're right, but if the vote was split 3 ways, no one would receive enough votes to be President. From there, it would be thrown into the House of Representatives to choose our leader.

Will there be the enthusiasm that was there on Obama's last election? I don't see the turnout being that high.

This is one election that no one really wants to win, the winner will be the loser in the next election.

Dave the Dog said...

Agree Jim.

It would have to be a "Middle party" to split the vote . . . I can see it happening in 4 year's time. A party standing on an anti-corruption/anti-lobbying platform . . . calling itself something like "America First" or "The National Party", candidates with real jobs and identify with the public not career politicians, a charasmatic leader from the people with a story and populist agenda . . . kinda reminds me of something from the past . . . I don't think they'll split the vote . . . they'll get a landslide!

Anonymous said...

If things continue the way they are going (not addressing our key issues with real world solutions) and conditions become more dire, the resultant confusion and upset will open us up to some pentagon general or some new Adolph stepping in to put order in and save the country.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anon 10:38

It could happen again as you suggest. If and when the government trashes the currency, we will have civil unrest.

At that point, maybe people will desire government control of the environment over Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Ross Perot seemed to pop up late in the game and not too far before the November election, so I guess a 3rd party could arise and organize quicker than one would normally think.

Perot dropped out and disappeared just as quickly as he appeared. My guess is that he got some threats to his family and business that scared the hell out of him so he jumped ship out of fear for himself and his family.

As nutty as he might've been I believe it would've been great to have a business man like him in the White House. He would've cleaned the system out somewhat and worked hard at putting some fiscal sanity into government. Would've been a good change. Anything but the status quo and the direction we're headed.

Anonymous said...

This is the sort of info that our youth should be studying in school, especially in economics classes. If only all of this could be dumbed down and simple diagrams and charts used to educate the American people about the Fed Reserve and that it comprises almost the complete source of our economic woes and destroyed dollar today. Someone needs to take this task on. A complete and elementary education program on the Fed Reserve, central planning, fiat money, etc. that goes viral on the internet and donations and funding to get a DVD presentation into every American household.

michael said...

Your father said that? Ever watched "Wag the dog"?

Well Jim, you are showing us why there will never be any change soon. D or R, R or D, no matter what happens most people are unable to break out of that box their mind is in.
I will not vote for either of the two advertised choices, but I will vote.