Saturday, April 21, 2012

Qualities of Leadership

I can’t figure it out. A bunch of our Secret Service guys, down in Colombia, have an adult party with some fast women (on their own time). 12 people stand to lose their jobs over sex. Here is what temptation looks like:

Palin gets her undies in a knot over being scoped out by one agent on face book. Normally the Secret Service is invisible, just like a waiter is, in a restaurant. He’s there but he isn’t. That agent posted her pic with him in it and in essence is saying “hey look at me, this is my job.” Everyone strives for a little recognition .

I think that the Republicans have blown the whole thing out of perspective. Fox News has gone ballistic. It reminds me of Inspector Renault’s remarks in Bogart’s classic Casablanca movie when informed that gambling was going on in the casino “I’m just shocked" and then someone hands him his winnings. I can remember back to Bill Clinton and Monica. It ruined TV for months and did absolutely nothing to the Democratic Party. Obama is going to suffer some political damage over this, but if he handles it right, it could work out in his favor. There is no need to make the Secret Service the scape goat over this. The political damage has been done, Obama needs to stand up and take the hit, the buck stops with him. These are good men; they work hard, are well trained, and need some support if they mess up. Bawl them out for the balling they did and tell them to get back to work. Showing that you care about 12 people that are pretty close to you, tells a lot about a person’s character. Maybe that’s what leadership is all about.

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Secret Service. There's an oxymoron for you.