Monday, March 09, 2020

Corona Virus, Panic the World With Insignificance

Here is a little something from a CDC report from 2018. Link:

Let’s go a bit further, divided the total deaths in 2017 (2,813,503) by 365 and we get 7,708 people die a day in this country. And here we are, the US and the world is in a panic over the Crona Virus. The newscasters claim it will kill 18,000 people in the US this year. That's an extra 50 people per day.

40,000 die in auto accidents and 60,000 die in drug overdoses in this country every year. I had no idea that 7,700 people died every day in this country.

Let me see, 8 deaths, on a cruise ship from Corona Virus. And they quarantined 3,500 people. Consider the age of the passengers, I would expect a death now and then.

The news services are a joke; trying to panic the populace before an election. Real perspectives here have been grossly distorted. Chicken Little is alive and well.


dearieme said...

Jim, you might like to look at this UK planning document. Presumably modified by a further nine years' knowledge it seems to be the basis of current policy. Some of the possibilities it considers are far from trivial.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

Thank you for the link, there is a lot of info there.

I skimmed pages 9 and 19-24 and it is very well thought out. I think this Virus is in the same range as the Swine flu they were suggesting at 1 million on page 9. I read, from other sources that the medical community never pursued a vaccine for swine flu when it tapered off. That makes me wonder a bit

I have some more to say on this, look for another post Saturday. There is a shortage of common sense and too much political crap floating around.

newbie84 said...

As of this morning (28 May 2020) 100442 deaths are attributed to COVID-19. This is 660 deaths/day (deaths occurred during less than 5 months), which is 8.5% over the typical death rate of 7708 deaths/day.

Please note that the mortality rate, above, is with almost the whole country confined for 5-6 weeks. We don't know what would have happened without confinement. But we will find soon...

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Newbie84

True but no need to panic everyone under the age of 65 that they are about to die. Probably we have 2000 thousand in that age group that has died. Or for that fact to panic the people over the age of 65 that they will die if they catch it. Chances are 99.9 percent of the population will survive the crisis.

Throw away the mask and stop listening to the politicians. It has nothing to do with health, it has to do with getting rid of Trump.