Monday, November 07, 2016

The Election

If you look at the polls, the split is 44 to 45 between Hillary and Trump. Add them together, and what do you get? 89%

The people that will determine this election are the undecided, the invisible 11%. I am not sure how tomorrow turns out. I'm hoping for a Trump victory.

Faites vos jeux


dearieme said...

Did they poll the dead?

dearieme said...

Now all he needs is (i) to survive until the Electoral College meets, and (ii) No coup d'etat at the Electoral College.

It ain't over until it's over.

AIM said...

Here is who voted for Trump. Let's hope that he is able to drain a lot of the the swamp or cesspool (aka Wash DC).

dearieme said...

I can't claim that I feel like celebrating a Trump victory but I do feel like celebrating a Clinton defeat.

Hellary Criminal was such a bad candidate that she couldn't even beat Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was such a bad candidate that he only just beat an opponent stained by treachery.

In the next four years there will be a financial/economic calamity. It will be blamed on Trump though it will have virtually nothing to do with him.