Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Obama-care Obfuscates Health Care Coverage With Insurance

You want insurance, you don’t buy it when your house is burning down. If you’re sick with health care issues, this would not be the time to shop for health insurance, there is none that you can afford. A majority of the people are in tune with how health insurance works, you buy coverage before you need it. If you are sick and can’t pay your bills, whatever the government gives you is not health insurance, is government medical coverage. Insurance is for people who are not sick. Get sick and you can wish you had insurance; the trouble is you’re a day late and a dollar short.

Obamacare is called “insurance,” but it is really government subsidized health care. The insurance aspect is not there. You want the coverage after the fact. Fire Insurance is not sold the day after the fire. So in essence, the people responsible enough to want coverage before they have a problem, now have to pay for those that were too cheap to pay for what they may have needed later in life.

How long can this work? My grown son has to have insurance, and he doesn’t need it, most kids will pay a doctor $300 total in a time span of 30 years, not $2,000 a year. Trump can kill this albatross. Obamacare is not health insurance; it is health care program destine to destroy private plans by destroying them with unfair government practices that make it unprofitable for the private sector to operate. You cannot sell insurance if someone else says that you have to cover those that didn’t buy before they needed it. The governments plan of redefining insurance does not make the concept better, it destroys it.

Of course we will never figure this out until the last health care insurer goes out of business. The neat thing about it is that it is a way for government to double each taxpayers tax assessment without raising taxes. And you can bet that the extra money collected isn't going for health care.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of timing, a crucial component in investing, I believe markets will correct in the next month or so, as congress gets back and starts talking about the 19.6 trillion cap on national debt, and then we rally into the new year, how about that?
I like it. SHH