Thursday, June 30, 2016

Everyone Has a Different Right Answer

Just listening to the news about Brexit. One side says were doomed if we go down this path and the other side says this will correct all of the wrongs.

Then in the US, a vote for Hillary will continue the government in place, while the other side is fed up with all the socialism.

If you notice, we have a 50/50 split. At one time everyone was in agreement. Over time, things have changed. Once you disillusionize enough people, they begin to march to a different drummer. Not to mention the fact that people everywhere are beginning to realize that the world is in a global Depression.

The real trouble with these political arguments, both sides have an opposing solution to the problem, that will solve everything. My only concern is that both sides are adamant over what the final outcome will be if the other solution is applied instead. Common sense suggests that neither side has any idea of what real results lie ahead for either path. But both sides imply that an improper vote will set the country on a path to doom.

I’m not sure how this line of thinking turns out. Almost everything is in an evolving state. In nature, the inability to evolve and adapt to new and different conditions, means you get eaten. It nice to know that all of these individuals running amuck have a solution to all of our problems, if only they could get us to listen. I've always held, that "the people with a solution to all of our problems, are a part of the problem."

Either way, it a news media feeding frenzy. Someone will print what you want to read. It's only a matter of selecting the right TV station or newspaper. The final truth?---there are no wrong answers--go figure!


Sackerson said...

"the people with a solution to all of our problems, are a part of the problem." - I like that.

dearieme said...

"In nature, the inability to evolve and adapt to new and different conditions, means you get eaten."

That's a good enough reason for Brexit: there's no chance that the EU could be as agile as a UK government in responding to changing circumstances.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Sack

Glad you liked it. I've run across several people like that. I could start a divorce if I mentioned names ;>)

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

I think that this Brexit movement has more legs; it is stimulating the rest of Europe to action. I'm not sure what that portends, but people everywhere in Europe seem very ready for some sort of change.

AIM said...

Any people remaining who don't realize by now that leadership, logic, reason, ethics, prudence, prediction of consequences, and other virtues necessary to survival and prosperity, don't exist in any of the governments on this planet—are totally asleep and will never realize anything of importance regarding their survival and future, as well as humanity.

Fortunately, this unawareness is reducing and people are waking up to the fact that governments as they exist are an enemy to humanity (just like the monarchy was before the Magna Carta started the ball rolling). Governments murder, they tax, they violate human rights, they start wars, they invade and interfere with the citizenry's private lives and businesses, they legislate on social issues, they cause poverty and suffering on a grand scale, they continue to grow and continue to take whatever measures are necessary to remain in power, and so on and so forth.

The writing is on the wall. We are on the brink of a new age of awareness, reason and reform. "The times they are a changin'" and there is going to be a lot of change as a result.

Anonymous said...

seems like your day is coming jim, cracks finally starting to show all over the financial system, get your popcorn ready.

AIM said...

His day came a long time ago. Things have just been being held together (since before 2007) with bubble gum, paper clips, duct tape and rubber bands (cover ups, propaganda, lies, mis-direction, bread and circuses, etc.). The longer our circumstances and predictable outcomes are hidden and prolonged, the more intense the collapse and crises.