Friday, December 11, 2015

The Media The Phony Window To The World.

Pick up a newspaper, turn on the media and the world is all roses (except for a few minor wars and a world depression). Their investment advice and economic news is showing everyone how to invest their millions\billions. The media is no longer about who, what, why, where, and when; it's all about the rise to prominence and then the fall from grace.

The media is pandering to the masses. Feed them what they want to hear. Some news announcer tells me that Trump is not qualified to be President, I kind of wonder what school the announcer went to (The qualifications for President of the United States is 35 years or older and a born US citizen). Then we have Hillary Clinton not a day over 68 looking like she is 45 years old. On closer examination, Trump has balls and Hillary has (Bill’s) testicals (he lost them because of Monica). It’s a fine line defining the two, Trump will stride forward leading, while Hillary will push her group forward with an email.

I don’t really mean to be political, Hillary is depending on getting elected because she’s a woman. The country is already tired of the Democrats and Obama. A woman president, what a novel idea, but will it happen? The irritating thing is that I know people that will vote just for that, because it would be, “Such a great thing to have happen.” Political candidates are no longer being judged by their grit and gristle, but rather by what is deemed by the media as being politically correct.

We need to realize that we have a media that feeds on impropriety, and being politically incorrect. The media works on silly assumptions like black people can’t be racists because they are black. And if you are white and oppose their views, you are automatically deemed a racist and a bigot. Tell a racial joke and your political career is over. This is no longer a nation of tolerance and free speech, it is one of intolerance. The media feeds on this intolerance of being politically incorrect, until the person spotlighted resigns. It’s not about morals, it is about the media’s intolerance of imperfection.

Maybe Donald Trump knows something. The rest of the Republican Party contenders look like a bunch of wimps and pussies, too scared to talk, waiting to pounce on their opponents gaff. The media is running on the premise, "How can Trump represent the Republican Party and get elected?" He fails their litmus test of not being “Politically Correct.” Maybe the American public is tired of the media setting the standards for politicians running for office.

The real reality in the world is this, the media is setting standards that no real person could honestly meet. It is they who have set the standards of political correctness that everyone has to live up to. The media has set the bar too high for politicians (not to mention for everyone else). You have to be a godlike in character to get their blessing. Let’s face it, there are very few of us left that that can measure up ;>)


Sackerson said...

"The media is no longer about who, what, why, where, and when; it's all about the rise to prominence and then the fall from grace." That's excellent.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media, owned by a handful of corporations, spews the special agendas of these government crony corporations. True, objective journalism died as a result. The MSM is the great manipulator. The MSM is dying and becoming known for what it is... a corrupt manipulator that borders on being worthless. More and more people are reaching this conclusion. People are waking up in larger numbers now. The MSM's validity continues to erode with each year. The Millennial Generation, now a bigger voting cadre than the boomers, ignore the MSM and will continue to do so on a larger scale as the continue to move into position. This Fascistic, Corporatist, Plutocratic system here in the US will cause its own demise in time because of its failure to serve the people, the common good. A collaboration between government and big business (Fascism) which creates inequality, unemployment, kills incentive, destroys labor and the middle class, limits prosperity, etc. can not last for very long.

Joseph Oppenheim said...

Pulleeze, the media has always been blamed by the ignorant. Those who know how to think, welcome all viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Joseph Oppenheim:
Judging from this and earlier posts of yours, it is my opinion that you are extremely naive and show a lack of wisdom. Propaganda (false, misleading, biased and manipulative data) doesn't constitute a valid viewpoint, and thus should not be "welcomed". The American media is rife with propaganda.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Joseph

So, I am ignorant and don't know how to think? I'm glad we have gotten that straight!

You are the type of person that can skillfully butter a slice of bread using a manure shovel and bitch that the shovel won't fit in the jam jar to get jelly.

AIM said...

The American media is a joke. I like the term "presstitutes" because that is exactly what they are. Paid for and owned. Releasing the garbage they are instructed to spew out by their corporate and government puppet masters to further degrade, undermine and confuse the society at large.

Neither the Dems or the Repubs are offering any semblance of a leader for the presidency (they haven't for decades and decades). The fact that Trump is high in the polls (a person without the intellect or character to be the leader of a nation) is wholly indicative of how desperate the country is for change and disruption, whether positive or not. His advocates believe that ANY type of change is better than what they've got and have had through the years. He's all they've got as everyone else is just the "same old same old" and worse.

We all know the fate of the Titanic. We are on Titanic II and here we are as a nation, thinking about who will be the best captain of that ship a year from now.

Stupid comment above by Oppenheim. Calling us ignorant for complaining about the low quality of the mainstream media and its negative influence in our society is a very high level of ignorance in itself. (People always accuse others of what they in fact are or do.)

Jim in San Marcos said...


Thank you for coming to my defense.

The one thing I left out that made me write the article, was the fact that journalistic enforcement of political correctness has indirectly influenced my life. I can lose my job for saying something politically incorrect, or telling a racial joke or making a suggestive remark to a female employee. It wasn't always like that.

You really have to question the concept of free speech today. Do you dare say what you feel? Or do you hold back because it may not be politically correct.

Maybe that's why comedians seem so funny, they don't have to worry about that crap, they get paid to abuse it.

AIM said...

Right. "Political Correctness" is a disease. It's based in fear and cowardice. People aren't supposed to have a viewpoint and state an opinion, especially not a strong opinion. It even has an abbreviation that everyone knows and uses ("PC"). It bleeds out into more than politics. "Social Correctness" would be more accurate. And to me that doesn't mean politesse or manners. People are soooo sensitive and conscious about their race, religion, sexuality, etc. etc. that a mere, innocent comment will always send someone screaming down the hallway. People have really become wimps... and been allowed to get away with it.

Personally, I could care less about someone's race, nationality, politics, sexuality or anything. I judge people by their integrity, character, their contribution, and their value... and I treat them and talk to them accordingly. I speak my mind and say whatever I want. In my mind, if someone deserves to be praised, I praise. If someone deserves to be berated, I berate, and then attempt to correct. No one is going to inhibit my communication or set me to "walking on eggs". I don't bother with racists or bigots, other than telling them that they are such and that I don't approve or want any connection with them if they continue their behaviour.

People need to learn this and grow some thick skin. If their "feelings get hurt" that is THEIR problem, no one else's. I'm glad that I am self-employed, work out of a home office, and don't have to work in an environment that requires being PC. Hopefully you won't have to deal with that too much longer Jim. Can't let that nonsense get between you and earning a living to support your family and your golden years. Don't let the bastards get you down.

dearieme said...

"Those who know how to think, welcome all viewpoints.": which are just what the mass media denies them.

Anonymous said...

"(except for a few minor wars and a world depression)"

world depression, a bit self-serving for a blog called the depression of 2006. In any case, there are serious conflicts and wars taking place but that was never the point of the "depression of 2006" blog.

And as 2016 approaches fast, it will be a decade since your depression call. Remember, in the thirties, it took 3 years for people to understand that and for it to sink in, Now it has been a decade and still no depression, well except in some peoples imagination.

The point of all this is to say, that yes we will have ups and downs in markets, that's what markets do. But to sit on your hands for a decade and wait for a depression, and when it doesn't materialize after a decade, not admit flaw in your assumptions, is bullheaded.

We will have financial meltdowns, that's not saying much, but in between those catastrophes, you have to be smart and make some money, rather than complain why the world doesn't follow your economic models and thinking. We are but small little flies, riding on back of huge elephants, where the elephant goes, you have no control of, so don't act like the "smart" fly can dictate the elephants path.

You have to learn to understand the game and play along, and when you see signs of cracks, step out for a bit, but then come back when the blood is on the streets, and pick up assets for the next run. Rinse and repeat. All the while being careful to never put it all on the line.

Merry Christmas!

AIM said...

Take away all of the fiscal and monetary policies since 2007, the false statistics put out by the government, the false PR from the mainstream media, the failure of the government to target and prosecute those responsible for the crisis of 2007, and all the other things that were done to keep the system afloat, and underneath all of that... there is a depression.

AIM said...

A couple other points anonymous:

The US government's unemployment statistics are VERY misleading: 1) the participation rate is very low, thus the statistic doesn't include those who have fallen out of the system and are no longer looking for a job; and 2) many people are working two to three jobs to make ends meet because they can't find a high enough paying full time job and the government counts all those jobs as jobs even though it is only one person working. Most all of the jobs being created are low level and part time service jobs, which really doesn't help to build up an economy (and the uptick in employment due to the oil industry's fracking, etc. (only able to happen due to all the cheap money going into the junk bonds that funded them... it is a bubble) is now coming down from all the layoffs. Real solid high paying jobs in manufacturing and white collar are sorely low.

Besides all the other government welfare and subsidies that camouflage how the public is truly doing, how about the fact that there are over 50M households on food stamps in this country, and growing? Take that government welfare away and there would be much larger soup lines throughout the country than in the 30's.

The USD is getting stronger and stronger and has been on a major upward trend. This will continue if the Fed continues to raise rates and it will continue as Japan, the EU and China slow down because capital will fly to the safe haven of US Treasuries. This is exactly what happened in the 20's that led up to the Great Depression.

The government (career politicians) is covering up all of our economic maladies because the people involved are only interested in maintaining power, getting re-elected, and doing favors for their campaign funders and cronies. These self-serving criminals are not interested in the health and future of this nation. This is a disease. A virus.

These are just a few of the many key indicators that give a real picture of the true health of our nation.