Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Foolish Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Kind of a weird agreement. Iran doesn’t really need nukes. Once the sanctions are lifted, they will go into full production of armaments. Their economy will supply that part of the world with oil and weapons. Talk about full employment, everyone will have a job, building something that explodes -- everyday can be the 4th of July somewhere in the world!

Israel is a state of 6 million Jews surrounded by 40 million Arabs. Do you get the feeling that Iran feels the need to nuke Israel? Why even bother? It is the passion of Islam’s radical followers, to destroy Israel. That unites them and gives them resolve. For that reason, the target (Israel) is allowed to exist--magnify the hatred.

Iran will export religion. Of course this will be the fanatical form of religion with the standard promise of 70 virgins in the afterlife (no inflation there yet--I'd hold out for at least 90). Nobody has come back from the hereafter to contradict the validity of the purported promise; so it is a done deal without argument. You explode and kill Christians and live the good life for ever after.

Look for the consolidation of Iraqi, Egypt, Libya and possibly half of Africa. Iran will welcome them with open arms or with more arms if they need them.

We are dealing with religious zealots, whose primary goal is to spread Islam by eliminating non-believers (a religious war if you think outside the box). If Congress votes down this Mickey Mouse arms agreement with Iran, Israel may provide the solution that could be more stable; nuke the radicals and take over the country.

We have a president who we mise well call “Slick,” The Car Salesman. He’ll sell you a health care plan, a student loan program, a nuke agreement, a Cuban cigar and a government paid sex change.

Iran doesn’t need to go nuclear with numbnuts Obama running the show. The nuclear option is a form of miss direction. It’s kind of like Brer Rabbit (Iran) pleading with Brer Bear (Obama) to not throw him into the briar patch (no nukes). Iran gets everything they need by signing off on a nuclear option. They can consolidate their position and extend their boundaries using religion and small arms.

Our leader is giving pink slips to 60,000 more American troops this year. Great for the unemployment numbers. There is much world unrest because we have a President with no balls and the rest of the world knows it. You can lead with the projection of power, or you can talk with the projection of weakness.


dearieme said...

"Our leader is giving pink slips to 60,000 more American troops this year."

He might as well; in my lifetime American troops have never been used to defend the US - for confirmation, look at your undefended borders across which illegal immigrants stream in their tens of thousands. Your troops are used instead for invading places which mostly involve no vital American interest. On the whole they make things worse, most conspicuously in Vietnam and Iraq. Even in Afghanistan, where a punitive expedition might have made sense, your government managed to transform their invasion into a war of occupation. They're not fit to be in charge of armed forces. Meantime they import masses of immigrants some of whom, or their sons, pose a continual threat to the safety and security of US citizens.

You may say that other countries have comparable problems with legal and illegal immigrants, but they typically don't have the advantage of being bordered by two huge oceans and Canada.

Compared to these problems I suspect that Iran is small beer.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

We are pretty much in agreement for different reasons. The "do gooders" in America want to give everyone Democracy. I learned while in Viet Nam that the average farmer could point to his land, wife and kids and the food he had grown and eagerly offer the Viet Cong half of his food for protection. He could not point his finger at Democracy, an abstraction with no touch or feel to it. Like it or not, we are not going to give the rest of the world Democracy.

I do think that the projection of power has in some cases prevented a minor power like Iraq from becoming a super power if we had done nothing like we did with Germany and Italy before WWII. Of course this policy has turned Libya, Egypt and Iraq from dictatorship unaffiliated with religion to one that is religious in nature, a real mistake.

I don't see any real problem with the illegal immigrants. They are quite and work hard and do a good job at low wages.

The real issue is one of religion. The Christians are infidels and the Muslims need not declare war on us to kill us. And of course their hatred of Jews is even more extreme. Religious zealots can end our way of life by instilling fear of reprisals for how we act or speak.

I see Iran as a major player in the "New Crusades." Christianity against the Moslem ideology.

Many things are in play here, religion, oil, and water for crops. Religion can secure the oil, and from there you have a power base to do what you want.

That's just my two cents worth, it in no way implies that I'm right.

Unknown said...

American Democracy has degenerated into oligarchy serving the interest of the big corporations. The world don't need this kind of Democracy, not all want to be slaves of these big corp. The American founding fathers would be rolling in the graves to lose the republic and democracy they have sweated and bled for. All was lost without a fight due to a zombified population who no longer think nor care.

US have their armies in other people's land, killing their people, and it is called a War of justice, a war against terror. They send their drones to other sovereign countries and make attacks against so called terrorist, sometimes causing collateral damage, harming innocents. To put things into perspective, would US condone China firing a missile at their homeland targeting someone China identified as a terrorist?

The mess in middle east is largely created by US in the first place, starting with Iran, and then supporting Iraq against Iran, and so on. Every Nation and every people have a right to protect and defend themselves. To a lot of people in this world, US is more of an aggressor, an invader, rather then a protector.

So what if there is nuclear proliferation, the world will deal with it when it happens. Till date, US is the only country in the world who had used such a weapon on others. Is that why their policemen are shooting unarmed black civilians, preventing them from committing crimes in the future? It is unjustifiable and immoral to take actions and stop things from happening before it even happens.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anthony

Your comments remind me of looking in the mirror when I was young and 20ish and now looking in the mirror in my 60's, and I try to overlook the aging process. America has changed quite a bit without anyone noticing.

Reality ends up being how the rest of the world perceives us, not what we think. That's what makes your comment so valid.

I offer no excuses, but WWII was the direct result of people not willing to fight for Democracy. Might is right. I do believe that there have been massive screw ups in the Obama White House thinking that they could give Democracy to the rest of the world, they messed up the middle east in a big way.

I do argue you point of police officers shooting unarmed blacks. You can't determine the status of a person being unarmed if they are acting unreasonable.

Your comment "It is unjustifiable and immoral to take actions and stop things from happening before it even happens" doesn't hold much water. Prevention is the name of the game. Its kind of like not going to the dentist regularly. And going only when you need them. You'll pay the dentist more later for what could have cost you a lot less if you had gone earlier.

Your view of our country is very enlightening, it holds a mirror up to our perceived perspective of reality.

Thank you for your comments.

Unknown said...


Germany was bankrupt after world war I, Hyperinflation and the Great Depression, but Hitler came into power and decided to screw the bankers. It took them 5-6 years to transform Germany from a near bankrupt country to a super power in Europe again. This is not to say what he did was correct, I'm trying to point out what bankers can do to a country and it's economy. Europe took the appeasement policy which was understandable, the horrors of WWI is still in the memories of the people and they wanted to avoid another war.

Regarding police shooting, I can understand why the policemen are so uptight. I would be too if I have to face so many people a day and any single one of them could pull out a gun on me anytime. It just came out on the news that the police department in US killed 118 people just in July alone. What I'm trying to point out is that the US has a much bigger domestic problem then terrorism.

Prevention is better then cure but you do not throw out the baby with the bathwater.
Using embargo and international pressure is fine, but a pre-emptive strike is an act of war. Why is it that only US, UK, France, China and Russia are allowed to have Nuclear weapons but the rest is not allowed? By the way, India, Pakistan, North Korea, (Israel and Japan) are Nuclear capable as well. It is a fact that no nuclear power has been invaded before. The US have it in their constitution, the right to bear arms, to defend against tyranny. Don't the rest of the world have a right and responsibility to be armed as well, to defend against tyranny? Why did US ruled out their no first strike policy? Doesn't it translate to I can nuke you as and when I like as long as I perceive you as a threat? This is like a guy holding and pointing a gun to everyone in the room, while trying to assure everyone that he is a nice guy, not to panic and not to arm themselves. This is Tyranny.

Democracy is a lie for the masses. Politicians are actors, entertainment and distraction for the people. Most only serve themselves (money), and thus the interests of their financial backers. I would like to commend you doing a great job trying to educate the people, letting them know the evil of modern finance. Sadly, too few are getting themselves educated and thinking. Please keep it up, thank you.