Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Congressional Mentality -- Idiots Rule

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard that Congressman Charles Schumer is trying to get the airlines to stop their downsizing of the luggage size limits for passengers. I mentally thought it through, and realized that many passengers abuse the carry-on luggage to a ridiculous level. The airlines idea to make the luggage bags smaller would be a partial solution. But that is not the real problem.

The real problem is space per passenger. If you remember air travel 30 years ago, you had some space when you sat down and some leg room too. This “lebensraum” gave you some peace of mind and comfort. I used to be able to get up from a window seat and squeeze between the other two persons to get to the bathroom or stretch my legs. That isn't so anymore. The two passengers in your row have to get out of their seats in order for you to access the isle. God help you if the drink cart is blocking your access to the restrooms. Don't even try to use the first class rest rooms.

In today’s seating on airlines, you mentally have to discuss with yourself who has access to the arm rest next to you. Do you dare recline the seat? This invasion of your body space is very stressful. Just as a test, move real close to someone you are not familiar with and you can observe it firsthand. Violating someone’s body space (unless you are romantically involved with them) is very irritating, if not intimidating. It is this close confinement on airlines that results in a lot of bad behavior. You feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic and don’t really know why. Your perceived envelope of body space is yours alone and the airlines should understand this concepts from a physiological perspective. Airline management has to ignore that, if they are trying to pack the plane for max profit. "Sardine can" comes to mind for some reason.

Of course Congressman Schumer wants you to believe the discussion revolves around bag size, not the number of people stuffed into the airplane. Why don’t we do something different, instead of making the carry-on baggage smaller, why not lengthen the space between seats by about a foot and make the seats 3 inches wider? Guess what, you can’t fit as many people on an airliner and therefore, there is more luggage space.

Do we need Congressmen that can only think inside the box? --suitcase mentality! Or people that really understand the problem? I'd like to see standards set for airline seating space, not suitcase size. Schumer impresses me as a complete ID-10T that is 404 in the internet world. His solutions address the business world of money not the airline traveler. Give me a break, give me more leg and elbow room on my next flight.

The real question; "Are we getting more for our dollar or less?" That is what this Great Depression is all about.


dearieme said...

Let me recommend the Eurostar train from London to Paris: compared to flying it is bliss.

I'm not sure who subsidises it, which probably means that I do.

AIM said...

This isn't a matter for goverment. The people need to vote with their dollars and somehow start pushing back against the airlines companies. WIth the moronic TSA; the security requirement to arrive and report so early for a scheduled flight; claustrophobic seating, bathrooms and aisles; poor quality food; fees for baggage; and so many other inconveniences... it's a wonder that anyone even flies any more. People sure tolerate a lot. They'll be sardines, sheep, guinea pigs, etc. They'll be whatever they are told to be. I prefer driving, RVing or Amtrak.

Jim in San Marcos said...

HI Aim

Sadly I think people are voting with their wallets. Cheapest price sells the seat. The government agencies that regulate the airlines could with the stroke of a pen regulate seating space minimums per person.

I've never faulted airline food, the purpose was never to feed you, only to relieve the stress of flying (people relate eating to times when they are relaxed). It's kind of a stretch to expect much in the line of food for 215 people in a fully loaded 737.

I too prefer to drive, but my bones are not that agreeable. I have to walk around a bit, so airline travel works for me more so than driving 3 days to get to my destination.

AIM said...

Well, when the driverless cars are here you can just lay down in the back seat and read your Kindle, talk on your cell phone, work on your tablet or laptop, or take a nap while the robot car takes you to your destination. High tech! The good life.

Jim in San Marcos said...


If the government screws up enough, we may be dumpster diving at McDucks for a bite to eat.

dearieme said...

"Boehner is by far the MOST EVIL politician I have ever encountered in Washington, whereas Hillary Clinton is probably the most corrupt, and Obama is the most incompetent, this trio will go down in history."