Saturday, May 02, 2015

Taxing The Rich

I really don’t understand the thought process involved in the government’s proposal to tax the rich. Everyone has about 70 years on this planet, and you either save for retirement or you don’t. Why should those that saved, be tax because others didn’t put money away for retirement? You want to drive a corvette and impress me with you wealth, don’t whine when you reach retirement age and have no savings.

My only question in life is, “Why do Democrats exist?” They want to give money those that never saved for retirement by taking it from those that did save. Notice you cannot take money from people who have none. And in this country, if you can prove you’re broke, you can qualify for government subsidies. How hard is that to do? They government wants to give to those that don’t have anything, and if you give everything to your kids, you too can qualify for benefits. In some families that might not be a very good idea. It could take only a couple of weeks to snort all of Dad’ IRA up your nose.

The neat thing about taxing the rich, is that the old rich have no idea what you are doing in a lot of cases. Senility has set in. Try raising the taxes on the middle aged. The only real way to do it is through inflation, the young people today don’t understand that concept, raising taxes they fully comprehend. Solar panels are selling like hotcakes because energy prices have “doubled” in the last 20 years. How do you connect the dots if you are 21 and someone tells you that cigarettes were 23 cents a pack 40 years ago?

Inflation is an "Old People's Disease." Congress's prescription; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning if you're not dead. And in case you are dead, don't feel obligated to call."


Sackerson said...

Perhaps when the rich have the lion' share of cash, investment assets and income, taxation will no longer be an issue: the rich will simply employ us as domestic servants. Hugo Salinas Price was saying this maybe about a year ago.

Anonymous said...

you are lucky. when USA collapses in 2070s, as predicted by George Lindsey, you'll be long dead...

AIM said...

Americans are deeply programmed by the government. They are also unable to confront evil (because the average person is an ethical, social personality and can't even comprehend the machinations of the evil). The people are under the government's thumb. The government is under the bankers' thumbs.

This is a authoritarian/socialist/marxist government. A welfare/warfare state. They will do everything and anything to remain in power. They firmly believe that they should have your money because they know better what to do with it than you do.

Tax the rich is just one of the many ploys that will come and go until government has all of your money.

Our freedom and liberties are eroding at a faster and faster pace. We are the frogs in the pot... slowly being boiled.

It would be a new world if the American people could be educated and then wake up en masse and force Congress to mend its ways and prevent the destruction of this country: no income tax, no career politicians, no lobbyists, no more debt, no more wars, no more intervention in foreign governments, no more CIA, NSA or FBI, reduce size of Fed government, return power back to the states, etc.

90% of the reps in Congress should be removed from their positions and never be allowed to serve in public office again. Just a bunch of prostitutes, sell outs, criminals and clueless people in treason to our country.

Rob in Nova Scotia said...

Hi Jim

The problem is that Government defines rich as anyone willing to save some money for retirement. Where I work I have no pension and must rely on my own savings so that someday I can retire. I have very modest amount of money aside but it is still very tempting for government to raid it to pay the hordes waiting for their monthly cheques. My son's mother in law being one of them. She is a few years older than me. I'm 49. But somehow figures she doesn't need to work. It's been this way all her adult life. She is only one of millions. Anyways I used to work as a milkman. And every month like clockwork cheque-day was something to behold. if the government announced that money transfer was stopped at nine in morning then the riots would begin at noon. The only reason for delay being that most don't get out of bed until mid-day. Better to steal it from me as there is very good chance that I will do as I always and get up and try again. I can't bear the sight of that women, my son's mother-in-law, but that is only because it reminds me of my own weakness in being taught self reliance.