Tuesday, August 12, 2014

War and Non Wars

I wrote this a week ago and published it for about 12 hours and then unpublished it. It didn't really conform to what this blog is about and that's why I pulled it. But it seems to have a of a lot of relevance when we watch the cruelty going on in the third world news.

This is a little off topic, but right now the world is in the midst of several armed conflicts and many are mislabeled “wars.” Wars are fought by two differing groups wearing uniforms to designate their affiliations and there are rules of engagement. If you remove your uniform and go behind enemy lines, you are then considered a spy and entitled to be immediately shot if discovered. In these types of conflicts, civilians are a protected group.

In a second type of conflict many times labeled “a war,” are religious conflicts. There are no uniforms to designate participants, in fact, most are masked. These barbarians think nothing of killing a man’s family, if they cannot get the man himself. What we need to realize is that these people are terrorists and do not even deserve the right to surrender and be captured. They claim to be innocent civilians when discovered.

We need to recognize what terrorism is, it is an attack on everyone, not just the military of a country. We have a war in Syria and at least half of the combatants wear uniforms; in Israel, the same thing. In both cases, only one side is held accountable, only because they follow the rules of war.

In the Ukraine, they have a civil war and the war is real, they’re not trying to kill civilians. It is soldier killing soldier. When it’s over, the winner’s rule and it has nothing to do with religion.

Most of the civil unrest in the world right now involves the Muslim religion. They are using terrorism to conquer those who block their path with mindless senseless trails of death and destruction, through terror and intimidation, with the hope to conquer, kill and convert what is left.

A pressure cooker blows up during the Boston Marathon and it sets a whole nation on edge. Our airlines could be on the verge of collapse with one or two future successful terrorist attacks.

As a suggestion, why not drop one or two nuclear bombs on ISIS to show them what we are using for a pressure cookers? We don’t need boots on the ground to vaporize someone who is a terrorist. This might give Iran second thoughts on producing a nuclear device. If they want to wear a uniform and play by the rules of war, then that would change the game plan. Right now our game plan doesn’t work because they don’t play according to the rules of war. They are playing to win and are succeeding, the threat to kill your wife and kids will make anyone toe the line.

A nuclear bomb would bring home to them the absolute horrors of real war, more so than a car bomb or a pressure cooker. The certainty of the lethal impact of a nuclear weapon makes a car bomb seem like an act of futility. If you get vaporized, you don’t get the 60 virgins. Of course I could be wrong on that, no one has come back to complain that they didn’t get their quota of virgins. And if we are talking sheep, I can see a realistic possibility of filling that quota of virgins.

We need to examine the rules of engagement for terrorists. Do we play by our rules, or do we give them a dose of what they are handing out to the rest of the world?

I'm sure that I will be more on topic next week.


Brian said...

I like that you strayed from the blog's theme. It is your blog.

I get tired of writing about our statist government. After awhile- it gets old and nauseating.

Most of us are waiting for the economic collapse but instead we are being treated to a decade of deficits, counterfeiting, and enriching the elite. When does it end? Who the fuck knows but I'll tell ya this- it can't go on forever.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Brian

You raise an interesting point. I'm just as enthusiastic about this blog as I was in the past, but there isn't much that is new to write about.

I really don't want to bore anyone to death either.

I agree with you, that this can't go on forever, I keep looking at this house of cards wondering what is holding it up.

And if you give it some thought, the only thing that we can really lose is our savings in the bank.

Social Security will always be there, even if the cost of living excludes food and energy and healthcare and (insert your item here).

Upon retirement you realize that senility sets in and you don't give a damn. So its Win Win all around unless you have your wits about you,

I too am waiting for the collapse, Gold and Silver bullion could be the item that allows us to retain some of our wealth.

Thank you for your comments and take care.

Joseph Oppenheim said...

This is the most peaceful time in history (% of people dying from war).

Anonymous said...

I hope you are kidding about dropping nukes in the middle east. It is our restraint that makes us a great nation.