Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Start a World War

Syria seems like a cake walk after Iraq and Afghanistan.  But there are a few things different here. Iran and Russia are backing Syria.  Go ahead and fire a few missiles into Syria.  It’s a little like your neighbor beating his wife and you decide to empty your handgun into his home to get him to stop. It isn't going to end there, now is it?

Since there is a little bit of a time delay before the strike, Iran and Russia have the time to move a few armaments to Syria for its defense.  It’s a little like Spain before WWII.  Everyone got to test their new weapons. Iran feels threatened because of the US’s position on nuclear weapons as well as Israel’s threat of a first strike.

We’ve meddled in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and all we have done is taken a stable government which  never even had a hope of being a Democracy, and destroyed the institutions that could keep order.  Afghanistan will be like Viet Nam.  200,000 immigrants will be moved to the US. Otherwise they will be executed when we leave.

If Obama launches a missile attack, I fully expect a reprisal attack on our vessels in the Mediterranean.  And I would expect that the launches would be from Syrian soil, but not necessarily by the Syrians.    The question you have to ask, do our naval ships carry gas masks?

The people in the Arab world are very poor.  They want a reason for why they live in poverty.  The answer is, the Great Satan is extracting from their labor the wealth that would have been theirs.  Any military  success by Syria against US vessels, could rally the Arabs and make shambles of  governments in the region.
 What we need to realize here, is that we are at a point to where we could start WWIII.  And without using any gas, 4 billion people could starve to death in a nuclear winter, because some US President had a red line that was not to be crossed.  Give me a break. War is about killing people.  If you're not any good at it, you lose.


AIM said...

Emperor Obama thinks he is Napoleon and has crowned himself king. He doesn't need approval from anyone to do anything. He is also a Marxist.

From my reading I get that there are two reasons why he is pushing so hard for war:

He wants to raise taxes by another 1.6 trillion. It will happen for "the war effort" and then remain permanent. Perfect way to trick a nation into a major taxation. Emperor Obama is already responsible for one of the largest tax hikes in history. This one will make him king of the mountain.
And, he wants Bernanke to continue with QE (The Fed will have to keep up QE if there is a war.) He knows if he doesn't stop The Fed from tapering... the propped up US markets and economy will collapse revealing that we are in a depression. And the US will lose its reserve currency status faster than ever.

This Marxist maniac could possibly trigger WWIII as well.

dearieme said...

It's very coarsening, war. Your society will not be better for your government launching wars frivolously.

Joseph Oppenheim said...

I love it. History has proved Obama outsmarting lesser minds...much of the US. Hillary and the GOP were sure, early on, Obama wouldn't be the Dem pres nominee. Romney and GOP sure Obama would lose in 2012. Obamacare....a GOP/Romney and drug stocks booming, mega bucks and cap gain tax revenues, all at low tax rates. Sequester....defense stocks booming, selling arms to other nations since less support from us. Everything reducing a US budget fastest ever. All, normally GOP nirvana. Syria? Like great minds, wrestling with morality and pragmatism. But shows signs so far of outsmarting most...use Congress...twisting them in knots. The House usually opposes anything Obama wants and supposedly love the, Obama follows Constitution and lets the House decide. Yeah, such a tyrant and socialist!

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Joseph

The prospect of starting WWIII over the use of poison gas in a small civil war, isn't what I call intelligent.

WWI started out small and it took WWII to finish it.

What worries me is that it looks like the book of Revelations is unfolding--the end of the world as we know it, is within our reach.

Jim in San Marcos said...


When I see the employees of McDonald's wanting higher wages, that's when Obama worries me.

The guy has made so many enemies in Washington, that he's not likely to accomplish much from here on out.

Washington works on "Quid Pro Quo" and that's not in his play book.

It does worry me that this pin head thinks that the risk of world war is worth the price to teach Syria a lesson.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi dearieme

I agree, I see no benefit to launching an attack unless it is to bring Syria's leader to a war Tribunal Court.

I tend to wonder if Assad is even guilty of gas attacks. It kind of looks like whoever did it, touched the devices off around some orphanages for maximum publicity. Who ever planned the attack, should be tried for incompetence. Militant fighters don't babysit their kids when fighting.

The fact that a high number of kids were killed indicates that the attack was meant to create public outrage.

IMHO this is a setup to get the US involved in a war that will settle absolutely nothing.

AIM said...

At this point in the history of the US, everyone should know by now that events such as Syria are just a facade... a misdirector... a created event or false flag operation. There are despicable, inhuman "people" behind the curtains pulling levers for whatever their misguided and warped purposes and goals are. We the people (our beliefs, loyalties, families, parents, children and other loved ones) are and will continue to be mere collateral damage to these monsters. Somehow we, inspired by the brotherhood of man, must rise up and put an end to the evil doers.

AIM said...

One speculation that I read about for this illogical attack by the USA on Syria suggests that:

#1 the US is in dire financial condition (bad fundamentals in the economy, plus the threat of interest rates going up due to the Fed's tapering will really cause problems for the government debt) and needs a solution.

#2 the petro-dollar. If the USD unpegs from oil the US will be in big trouble. Russia, China, Iran and others would like nothing more and are working towards this. If foreign countries don't need to keep USD in their reserves anymore for the purchase of oil and international trade, all of those USDs will come back to the USA and cause major inflationary damage. Hussein of Iraq tried it and the US whacked him. Khadaffi of Libya tried it and we whacked him. The plan is to attack Syria hoping that their ally Iran will take some sort of action (block the Straight of Hormuz, instigate terrorist missle firings into Israel, etc.) Then the US will whack Iran (who is currently selling their oil for gold and other currencies).

Could it be that this is all about our military stepping out in order to preserve the petro-dollar and ensure the USD stays as the world reserve currency for as long as possible?