Monday, January 14, 2013

The Fall of Great Governments in History

From time to time "Anon On A California Mountain" leaves something in the comments section that IMHO deserves more exposure. Hope you like it.

Don't you find it amazing that there isn't a government on this planet that has a logical approach to finance, business or its country's economy? That there is not one government that operates on sound fiscal policy, has reserves, a surplus of cash, and spends less than it makes (from taxes or whatever)?

There is no model to aspire to.

History just continues to repeat itself, or rhyme. All of these empires, dynasties and countries on Earth that have amassed such great power, wealth and influence have all gone by the boards: Babylonia, Egypt, Chaldea, Persia, Rome, Portugal, Ottoman, Holland, Spain and England, to name a few.

Do you think Japan, Europe, the USA or China will NOT have the same fate as their predecessors? Current facts and events seem to point to the reality that they will.

Some empires faded due to war, conquest, pestilence, weather changes, etc. Yet, many faded due to the mishandling of finance within the government and poor oversight and/or proper support of their economies. And over-reaching and meddling in the private affairs of its citizens (aggressive taxation, regulation, etc.).

Man never seems to learn his lesson, does he? These civilizations have just faded to dust and blown away, and then new ones appear to follow the same cycle of action.

Some start out with excellent tenets. Like the USA: small government, Bill of Rights, Constitution, no income tax, support of a free market and entrepreneurship, property rights, rule of law, etc. Yet, somehow they get corrupted or altered and go by the wayside.

It is not that those in the past, or we in the present, didn't or don't have the basic knowledge or technologies to accomplish a strong and logical infrastructure that fosters creation, growth and longevity. We haven't lacked in the sciences or industry. I think we've been weak in the humanities to some degree in that science and technology have moved forward in quantum leaps, but the human studies have mostly stood still, as if frozen in time.

I believe that the human mind, human behavior and the human spirit are the areas that are least understood and form the common denominator behind the fall of most all of our past attempts at civilization. I think the answers lay in these areas... not in the areas of political science, quantum physics, math, medicine, economics, etc.

Note: I didn't include psychology, psychoanalysis or psychiatry above, as none of them are sciences (per definition) and neither has made any true inroads towards the goal of man understanding himself. They were all quickly converted into government control mechanisms anyway.

Man has demonstrated that he is capable of cooperation, creativity, production, prosperity, peace, etc. yet there is a virus or series of viruses that tend to break these virtues down over time on a micro level, which then does everyone in on the macro level.

However imbalanced, Man is on a slow but positive trajectory of evolution and progress. He's been going through governments and empires like a persistent inventor (e.g. Edison and his light bulb) in an attempt to get it right. He's had his dark moments and his bright ones.

Looks like we are closing the book on a bright period and ending off with another dark period.

The most important points are to somehow be prepared for whatever comes, as a few more of our empires come to their end (i.e., how do we preserve our wealth? have access to clean water and food and shelter? maintain or create quality in our lives?, etc.) and most importantly to be building a new civilization now, based on all of the positivity and knowledge of our past, so our kids are offered a new path to prosperity.

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Brian said...

It is the fear driven human ego that destroys all of those empires.

Find something to fear, and your ego will act to destroy it- real and imagined. At no point has man ever recognized that false sense of self and all of the damage it has caused.

Anonymous said...

It's like we are on an eternal merry go round. Scary.

Anonymous said...


AIM said...

Gradual loss of our freedoms, wealth and our country = Gradual increase of temperature of the water in the pot—containing a frog—to the boiling point.

American citizen = frog.

End of game = water hits 212 degrees F.

American citizens, their children and their progeny = cooked frogs.

Ugh! Boy does this script need a rewrite for a better ending.

Jim in San Marcos said...


I think it won't be quite that bad. Our currency is what will hit the fan.

When I was in Viet Nam, I noticed that abstract ideas held little water. Land, water, food, wife and kids you could point to. Democracy couldn't be pointed to. In the same light, paper money is another abstract idea. Gold and platinum have a certain feel to them that is different than paper. We are dealing with politicians with political promises that I cannot point to nor feel that they will ever fulfill.

Now is the time to buy real money, gold and silver. It pays no interest, but the appreciation from inflation beats what the banks are paying.

I don't quite accept your frog analogy (too drastic but humorous), I think that we are in for a rude awakening, when inflation kicks in.

Anonymous said...

The big question of course, which none of the gurus or pundits really has the answer to, is what are we actually preparing for? How bad will things be? What in our personal lives and our society will be effected? Prepare for high inflation? Prepare for food supply chains to collapse? Prepare to have your 401k or IRA confiscated by the government? Prepare for WWIII? What? Or, because of central bank printing and government stimulus prop up and all the other "new" financial and fiscal techniques of our modern times everything will actually float along for another 25 years just fine? It's a big mystery to me.

AIM said...

This is a very powerful and logical article. This tells us a big story that is very important. If that chart and statistics are correct, this is something to be VERY concerned about.

Talk about our empire or civilization going down the tubes... here is total proof that the government methodically destroying our labor force, productivity and GDP.

Anonymous said...

Just get the idea of what our country (or our world) would be like if every person had a strong character;;; high virtues;;; strong ethics and morality;;; a true concern for their fellow man;;; an awareness of their actions and the effects their actions would have on the current people and environ, and more importantly the future people and environ;;; honesty and loyalty to their causes;;; a high responsibility level;;; concern for the greatest good when planning and acting;;; and most importantly respect and love for their fellow man;;;

get the idea if the people you dealt with were like this;;; think about if our Congresspeople and government leaders were like this;;;

what a different and wonderful world it would be;;;

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anon 12:00

I agree, but I don't think we can get there from here.

Idealistically we should be able to get there, but realistically, we will never make it.

There is always Hope. It doesn't come in a big box, but there might be some around.

Anonymous said...

This topic is a great reason why we should not be movIng to a one world government, a "new world order" etc. We (humanity) just do not have governence correct for any civilization. We need individual nations to continue the great experiment until we have a model for a more pure, workable, ethical government.

Meanwhile, leaders are moving to consolidate power across the globe, like they have a correct model for the world. Central banking, UN agendas, etc. Our own constitution in the USA is being thrown under the bus, to achieve this one world vision.

Things will not get better until we take back our nation and throw the globalists out.