Thursday, September 13, 2012

Idiotic American Foreign Policy (reprinted)

This is a reprint from last October 27. I'm reprinting it to point out how bad our goodie-two-shoes foreign policy is going ("sucks" might be a more apropos verb). I apologize to readers who already read this. Normally I wait a few years to republish previous articles. Next new article should be ready Sunday.

Normally this blog deals with the coming Great Depression so foreign policy is a bit of a stretch. We have just helped kill the leader of Libya. Not much of a big deal, but we did it so these people could have Democracy. That country is totally devoid of any social institutions so there will be no Democracy, the guy with the most bullets will be the new President. Of course if your currency becomes suddenly worthless, you are pretty much in the midst of a depression. Life in Libya looks rather brutal for the foreseeable future.

We are getting out of Iraq. Great idea; Christmas comes early for Iran. There is turmoil in Palestine, Jordan and Egypt; Israel could go bananas and nuke Iran or vice versa.

Oil ties the US to the Middle East; water ties the Middle East people to the land. The real key is not oil, but rather water. Iran and Turkey, China and South East Asia, are building dams that could start a war over water; the hell with the people downstream.

Then in Pakistan, we send a woman (Hillary) (where women are considered property) to tell them how to run their government. Great for women’s lib, but who are we kidding, the Pakistanis would like to chain her up in a basement and teach her what the slang term "airtight" means. These people are not going to listen to a woman, more to the point; they feel insulted having to deal with her.

The US press is selling their readers this "goodie two shoes" idealistic policy of spreading Democracy to the world. The reason we lost in Viet Nam, was because the average farmer could point to his family and land, but he could not point to Democracy. Democracy does not come from the masses who have nothing, but rather from those who have a position of wealth that needs to be preserved. Democracy is not an option for the Middle East; they have always taken what they have wanted. Might is right.

U.S foreign policy towards Libya has been very irresponsible; we can't shoot first and then think about it. Getting rid of Qaddafi accomplished nothing. His supply of stinger missiles is now on the auction block. Leaving Iraq without some advisory troops begs Iran to move in. Obama needs to send Hillary home with a box of cigars for Bill. And while he's at it, he mise well paint a bull's eye on Air Force One. The score is Obama 3 Arabs 0. I feel that the game is only pausing for the half time activities. Got Stingers?

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dearieme said...

Speak quietly and carry a big stick. Or, on the other hand,

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Dearieme

Thanks for the link. After viewing Hillary's cavalier view of Qaddafi's death, contrasted with her somber views yesterday of the death of our ambassador, makes her appear kind of flaky

dearieme said...

The death of the ambassador made me think of Kipling:

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Dearieme

Great link. I read it, and its amazing how little things have changed in 100 years.

It kind of makes you sad, our problems are still the same, even with the span of a century.

Thank you for the poem.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.