Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Obama Magic Act (Tax Increase)

Congress over the years has passed Medicare and Medicaid. There was no real funding for it. It was for the “greater good” which is quite questionable when funding wasn’t really taken into consideration. Now the government realizes that they can’t keep it funded much longer (a jar of Geritol and a tube of Preparation H just won't cut it).

Most of the people from the age of 18 to 45 will pay less in actual health care costs than what they would have paided into health insurance (by several thousand dollars a year). Today, the WSJ ran an article on “Mandated Health Insurance Squeezes Those in the Middle.” A Mr. Norton, in Massachusetts (where health care is mandatory) can get a $2,000 deductible per person for his daughter and himself for $464 per month or $5,568 per year. His words were, “This is insurance you can’t possibly use.” His solution is to pay the $1,000 dollar penalty for not being insured.

Obama is right when he says this new health insurance program will not increase our debt, it will lessen it. The younger generation will pay in $5,000 per year and get very little in benefits (do you wonder why?---they don’t get sick much). Here is the kicker that Obama mentioned. Everyone has to be enrolled. Otherwise people would only enroll when they were sick. That’s why insurance companies don’t cover pre existing conditions. You are covered if you sign up before you need it, not after. And you hear the whine; that’s unfair.

Another thing to review about our health care in the United States; it is the best in the world. The more skilled of a doctor you are, the more you can charge. If you are incompetent, you will be sued out of business.

State run health care plans have nothing to do with a doctor’s skill or experience. It is all customer count, procedures performed and pills prescribed without cost accountability. Three fourths of our country (18 to 55) can say no to health care costs if they rise too high. The other fourth doesn't have to. Kind of neat to be the latter group, isn’t it?

What everyone needs to realize, we are not being sold health care. Those (the young) who will be paying it will benefit very little. It is a tax. It will be used to keep the government from going bankrupt in the near future. Congress has abused and spent/consumed the Social Security Trust Fund. IT IS GONE! Obama desperately needs new tax revenues. The health care plan is the bait. It is a plan to generate new tax dollars. Our kids get to pay for it, thinking it is health care.

As a side note, maybe we ought to send Obama to Afghanistan in search of Osama. After a couple of months of listening to him, the Taliban would probably surrender and accuse us of Obama-boarding. His constant television ramblings irritates me no end. Put a sock in it. I would suggest, anyone with all the answers is part of the problem.


Anonymous said...


I can't stop laughing at "Obama-Boarding," that's a good one. Is that your coin or someone elses?

I was water-boarded as part of military training while serving in the Navy way back 1986. It was an experience I do not want to repeat... but torture, give me a break. Obama-Boarding... Whew, now THAT is torture.

Your so right. Get Obama's face (and lies) off our TVs. After everyone has destroyed or thrown their TVs out the window, what's next, ObamAvon himself going door-to-door with secret service agents at his side selling his health-care-reform tax?

I also can't agree more that this is only a cover, just like SSS was to generate more play money for the exponentially growing government. They have spent every dime of SS surplus since 1934. Nothing will be different in this case either IF it passes.

Where are all our constitutional legal beagles screaming from the rooftops that the government can't force you to pay for health insurance?

Some try to equate mandatory health insurance to auto insurance. This is absurd! The only thing mandatory about auto insurance is covering against damage to others.

If you own your car, personal property damage is optional... as it should be. Last time I checked, our lives have not been financed have they? The government attempting to force US to insure ourselves against health damages crosses the line.

Hey Obama... We do not want your new tax, period.


Anonymous said...

Delete if you must Jim, but I just had to say...

- Obama calls Kayne West a Jack-Ass, and all agree. Good job Mr. President, call'em like you see'em!

- Joe Wilson has the balls to call Obama a liar to his face, and most would agree. Good job Mr. Wilson, call'em like you see'em!

So a black man calls another black man a Jack-Ass for his outrageous behavior to a white woman and Obama is a hero for it?

A white man calls out a black man for lying to the public and gets strung up and labeled a racist by Jimmy Carter?

Don't worry Joe, you have my vote and most Americans are behind you. Did you get my campaign contribution I sent yet?

Very ATP

Jim in San Marcos said...


I thought it up, but I wasn't sure it would carry well. Maybe it will catch on.

I'm kind of tired of this wuss running to the voters every 10 minutes like a little kid running to mommy when something goes wrong at school.

I'm with you, I really wouldn't mind a law against free speech if it would keep Obama off of television.

Don't consider this a political opinion. Every time a president speaks they are either sending our sons to war or spending taxes they haven't collected yet.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Thanks for mentioning the younger generation. Somehow they seem to get overlooked along the way.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anon 11:32

The government wants to hitch our kids to a plow when they are young. There is plenty of money for the tax coffers. The neat thing is that it is pure gravy for Congress.

You can't really call it socialism, because voter stupidity is not an political organization, just an excuse.

Anonymous said...

what's ATP?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 11:04,

Welcome to Jim's blog.

Angry Tax Payer (ATP)

Ab Normal said...

FYI: You can always select Name/URL when posting a comment and put in your moniker.

If you are lazy like me, you open a blog account and register your moniker and you don't have to keep typing it in. Plus if you want to add a picture, go for it.

Jim in San Marcos is in blue, I am the only one with access. Many people open accounts with no intent of ever blogging. But It does give you a unique personal identity.

Just click on Choose an identity select Google Account and skip down to "No Google Account?" click on "Sign up here" and you are on your way.

AngryTaxPayer said...

Hi Ab Normal,

Thanks for the information. I registered the name "AngryTaxPayer" with Google over a year ago. If you follow this blog, you will have see my screen before.

I've never posted at any other blog and Jim can affirm my general fairness in my posts. However after creating the blog "Google has conveniently locked me out of this account and no longer able to post under that name.


AngryTaxPayer said...

Excellent, seems like Google likes me again.


Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that this is a done deal. Obama was doing the Sunday morning circus and had that cheeky smile when asked any tough questions.

Jim in San Marcos said...


Glad you got your handle back.

It was me posting as "Abnormal" to demonstrate a different way of being more than just anonymous.

A handle always makes it easier to follow a thread.

Take care

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anon 4:52

A few months ago, it did seem like a done deal. The press is giving it some bad press which is a good thing.

I got away without health insurance for 55 years and then figured that I just might need it. A lot of people do that and a few get caught flat footed. The real hitch to the Obama plan is that everyone has to be covered for it to work. It's the word "everyone" that is the stopper.

The plan is still up in the air, but I hope it fails. It is nothing more than a tax on the young, to fund Medicare for "Old Farts" like me.

Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...


Just watching Obama speaking again on TV (CNN). This time he's in New York. Even for a politician he takes talking too much and doing too little to new heights.

Rob in NS

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Rob

I agree. As I've said before, if you are leaning on your shovel talking, you can't be shoveling.