Friday, November 14, 2008

Congress is on Slow Simmer

Listening to the "Congressional Inquisition" up on the Hill, the last two days, it looks like the TARP program is turning into "CRAP." There is hope that Congress may see the light on this blank check bailout.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope that the congress wakes up to what a con job Paulson played on them.

It will be a great day when our so-called leaders wake up.

I am filled with hope. It is better than dispair.

Anonymous said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

I haven't had hope for America for two decades. And I stopped trusting the government during Vietnam. My home is paid for, no debt, a garden spot out back and four years of wood drying. And, just in case, a thousand rounds of ammunition in the closet. Distrustful, suspicious, you bet!!

Jim in San Marcos said...

I hope nobody got hurt twisting their neck while reading my post.

Anon 5:02 I would suggest maybe 100 rounds for each weapon no more. Canned goods might be a better investment, you can rotate your stock by eating it and if times get tough, you can help feed your neighbors and you end up with group security.

It looks like you have planned well and are skeptical of government as are most of us.

I live in an earthquake zone and get ribbed for my earthquake preparedness. I'm going to have a fried egg , bacon and hash browns even if we lose power from the big one.

I think that the one thing we all need to realize is, don't expect too much from government, because you will certainly be disappointed.

Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

We'll never be out of the woods until we reduce the size of government; create a currency backed by a mix of gold and solid production units; rid the USA of the central bank system and income tax; bring our military home (from everywhere); fix up and expand our infrastructure; upgrade, retool, rebuild our factories and plants and bring manufacturing back and build it up to be the backbone of our economy. These are the only sane moves to be made. Allow these morons in congress to continue and they will destroy what remains of our country. Obamanation will turn into Euro socialists now. I say off with all of their heads. Read Thomas Jefferson and get re-oriented. We've become lazy and lost our vigilance.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anon 8:32

Gold would be a good backing for our currency. Since it would keep Congress from printing money, it will never happen internally. But as a trading medium with foreign countries, it may come to pass.

Industry has literally been destroyed in this country by taxation--unemployment ins, retirement, health, SS etc. I don't see it coming back. It's cheaper to manufacturer in China

I don't see how the Democrats can socialize much of anything without massive tax increases.

Jefferson would hardly recognize this country any more. None of the founding fathers was very excited about letting the masses into the voting process. You had to be a landholder with skin in the game to vote back then.

Where it goes from here is not clear to me. Thank you for your comments.