Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Press, the Election and Inflaton

If you are newspaper editor, the politician with the best ideas is out of luck. You need controversy, that sells papers. The media picks a “Clash of Titans,” and runs with it. So what do we have, “Hillary vs Obama.” I really can’t figure this out. In my opinion, the Democrats had the election won if they picked anyone except those two. Either one of them would have been fine VP material. Then you go over to the Republican side and we have someone pushing 70. From a journalistic point of view, the Democrats are news and the Republicans are “Wet paint on a wall drying.” The Democratic Party is eating this up. Press coverage up the ying yang. Who cares who wins, Joe voter thinks that the Democrats are on a roll.

After the Presidential primary on both sides, each party will have to choose a vice president. Examine who is chosen closely; one of them may be our next president. McCain has to pick someone old enough to hold the office. Obama would have to pick a white guy. Hillary could put Bill on the ticket as the VP.

I am making fun here, but there are serious issues that are not being discussed. We have a political mix here that is beyond being lousy. We have a woman who wants to be our mom, a young guy that wants to lecture us on what we are doing wrong and and old guy that's scared to buy green bananas. It’s a vote against the people you don’t like as president. People do not like to support losers. So with the Democratic Party, half of the supporters are automatically losers. If Hillary loses, those Democratic votes are gone. If Obama loses, I see the votes switching to Hillary. The real thing to remember here is at the convention, after the first vote, all of the delegates are released from their voting commitments, look for an even split between the two candidates up and to the convention. After the first vote, we have a free for all. It could prove interesting. My sneaking suspicion is that Hillary wins and Obama is offered to be the VP. You got to admit a woman and a black running for president, it's a little like an Arab running for president in Israel. It's going to sell some papers, but is the reality factor really there?

As for the Republican convention, I think that the Vice Presidential selection will be the make or break for the party. It will probably be a younger governor of some state.

Examine the typical voter. This person actually thinks that things are going to change after the election because of the election. Wrong! Things are going to change because a lot of stuff is becoming unglued. There isn't too much to fiddle with if you look at this picture of the budget.

We need to vote for fiscal responsibility. Balance the damn budget. The inflation we are experiencing is a tax. When someone says we need to strike back at the oil producers for this price increase. Think again, our government is printing too much currency. It’s a little like chopping a hole in the bottom of your boat. The people in the boat notice that the water level on the outside of the boat is rising. It’s a great observation but that’s not the problem. It’s the nut [insert your Congressman's name here] with a hatchet.


Anonymous said...

Some more truth:
It is too late to "fix" things. It does not matter who wins and who loses. We are going to have a nasty economic situation either way. The cracks are visible and soon the great american false economy will be shown to all.

Only after the loses have been taken and we lick our wounds, will we be able to get back on track. This time with a real economy and real acounting and real acountability.

The next president is going to end up wishing he/she did not have the job.

I know it is fun to handicap the political race, however, it makes me laugh to see how people think the next guy can produce some sort of miracle or is going to tank everything.

Damage done.


Do you think this might be an election to lose - as here in the UK? Like the joke, "We were thinking of getting divorced, but neither of us wanted the kids."

Anonymous said...

I want to say (as the person that wrote the first post) that I am not as careful in what I write as I should be.

It DOES matter who is elected.

If you can't be a big mouth blowhard on the intertubes, where can you?

Feel the love.

Big mouth blowhard of the intertubes.