Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jim Roger's Video

Here is a link to a Jim Rogers video clip from Bloomberg. Its about 19 minutes long. I'm not sure how long this link will work, but it is very funny. The commentators are asking questions, but not listening to Jim's answers. Jim keeps his cool somewhat. I share his views on a lot of issues. The guy is well worth listening too.


Anonymous said...


Why did the U.S. Mint stop selling gold (bullion coins) to the public in early September, and why have they continued to cease sales? How long can it take to re-set the price? What do you think. When I call they keep telling everyone they have no info.


Jim in San Marcos said...


I'm really not sure. I just got my silver sets delivered the other day. I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy US gold coins, they are ugly. Try one Maple Leaf, you'll like them a lot better.