Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It Can't Be That Bad, Can It?

Let’s see now, we have “Canaries in Coal Mines,” in states that don’t even mine coal. We have sighted the “Tip of an Iceberg” as far inland as Kansas (is it really that flat???). There are “Bubbles” everywhere (in my high school alone there were two girls named “Bubbles,” I guess breast enhancement is the rage).

The roller coaster franchises must be having a hell of a year; everybody seems to be on one. I wouldn’t get on a train though; looks like there are going to be some “Train Wrecks” and “Train Crashes” (one is with tracks and one is without, I guess).

Landscaping must be doing ok, I’ve heard that they are “Trimming a lot of Hedge Funds” lately. The barbers are doing lousy with all of the “Free Haircuts,” go figure.

I’ve been trying to book tickets on the Titanic, I've seen several references to its future trip. The ticket agents haven’t got any info on it yet. I guess the vacation is on hold for now.

Goldilocks is having one hell of a time especially around Wall Street and I can see why. Everything is just right--6 inch heels, a mini dress and makeup—you can make money lying down (Bear Sterns denies that Goldie is pregnant).

It kind of makes you wonder where we go from here with the stock market. If you think about it, every mutual fund manager has to be fully invested in something. If you were to advise your clients to get out of the market because of the current conditions, and they did, you would be out of a job. We know that doesn’t put bread on the table, so they will ride the wild monkey.

Google is up in the stratosphere with no dividend and a hell of a PE. The South Sea Company of 1711 comes to mind. I think they called it a bubble.

The thing that you really have to remember is that people in the past were dumber than the people of today (If you believe that, I have a Hedge fund derivate to sell you).

To tie this all up, if we are doing so great, how come all of our analogies revolve around impending doom? I guess we will have to ask Chicken Mc(I want it all)Little.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of “Tip of an Iceberg”

Lets see… the lifeboats are clear and sneaking away… S&P and Moody announce that the ship is taking on water… the Ben Bernanke Band is still playing.
This sounds like a remake of a movie that opened in 1929???

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Cranky

That would be a great editorial cartoon. It's very easy to visualize.