Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not quite half way there

Happy New Year everyone!

I started this blog in May of 2006 and from my perspective, it should take two years before most people will realize that we are in a major depression. Well, we are almost half way there. It's kind of like a rear view mirror perspective, we'll see it only after it's behind us.

Real estate is not doing very well. I saw a new word the other day that was referring to the current status of property for sale "fugly." Two four letter words combined to express a diagnosis that is a bit on the strong side.

A lot of the issues point to problems further ahead, foreclosure's, refinancing and bankruptcy. These are all real estate related.

The organization that I work for has installed over 2 million dollars worth of computer equipment last year, and all of it says "Made in China." Is there anyone in the United States producing anything besides food that is making a profit?

Then you hear the speculation of the DJIA going to 20,000. I think that we have a market where speculation is King and Reason has no Consort. Very few companies even pay a dividend that would support their current price on the DJIA. Retirement time is close for the baby boomer's and if it doesn't pay a dividend, why hold it? Questions abound unanswered. Why worry the market is going up, Right! "Up what?" is question to ask! Your IRA could have a sick call like back in 2001. The 50% haircut wasn't about hair salons.


Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion...keep changing the name of this blog at the first of every year until your prediction accidently becomes reality...oh and change your name to "Broken Clock".

Anonymous said...

you obviously don't get the point of this blog, so let me clarify for.
You might be waiting at home for someone to send you a notice that we are in a depression, but by the time that happens, it's too late.
The coming economic depression did start in 2006, but oridnary sheep like you will find out about it when it's too late to capitalize on the trend.
that's how it works, those without brains and balls to make the call, end up following the hurd over the cliff.
what's your pridiction? or are you too scared or too stupid to come up with one.
long time reader of this great blog.

Jim in San Marcos said...

I think I have been flamed! The first Anon is a little too tightly wound. He doesn't sound like the sort of person to anger on a freeway!

I'd like to thank who ever wrote the second post. Thank you.