Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Social Security Morass

F.D.Roosevelt got Social Security going during the Great depression. If you examine the original idea, it wasn't too bad, only about 5% of the population would ever live to collect it. Now over 60% of the population will live to "collect" it.

The Social Security tax is supposed to be deposited into a trust fund. To make the story simple, The Congress has written some IOU's and spent the money. Someone complained about this abuse and the Supreme Court ruled that the Social Security tax was just that, a TAX and the government could do whatever it wished with it.

Did I mention the word Medicare? I know I didn't mention "800 pound gorilla." Why worry about Social Security, that's a nickel and dime game compared to Medicare.

There is another one called SSI (Supplemental Security Income). You can draw this if your Social Security check is below poverty minimums. A lot of immigrants in this country legally over the age of 65 qualify for this payment even if they have never worked a day in their life. These people are also eligible for Medicare. Imagine, a foreigner can qualify for a retirement pension of about $580/month with free medical, not bad!

What we are looking at here is an item called Transfer Payments. The money spent is spent on consumption. There is no investment in new enterprises. This money for lack of a better word is being confiscated from your children before they have even earned it. There is no perceived budget amount set aside for these future expenditures. Its pay as you go.

We are at a fork in the road, similar to the 1930's. Germany decided to inflate and ruined anyone that had a bank account. The US survived with deflation and ruined almost everyone with a bank account.

The real question is; how much time do we have to enjoy these "retirement benefits?" Hint: there is no tooth fairy.


Anonymous said...

What's the ratio of "recent immigrants" to the general SSI recipients?

Jim in San Marcos said...

Its not a quick process, it takes about 7 years in country to get elgible. In that time you could become a US citizen.

I couldn't find any reference to a class labeled as "immigrants," dealing with SSI statistics.

Anonymous said...

Update for 2008 on SSI, Supplemental Security Income. Yes it is true that Illegal's can collect SSI, if they are age 65 and older, or if they have a Sponsor. After the Shamnesty passes (All 3 Top Presidential Candidates want Shamnesty), then you will have anywhere from 20 million to 40 million newly legalized immigrants QUALIFYING legally for SSI/Supplemental Security Income. Now, an Individual get's $888 a month, TAX FREE! NO TAXES ON SSI. Expect this--->>> Un-Imaginable super LONG lines outside Social Security Offices. Like, wraping around the corner long. Remember, they will pay no taxes. ALL of their immediate FAMILY members, spouse, children, Mother/Father under age 65, sister, brother, will ALL qualify when the Dad/Father qualifies for the SSI. They will ALL get immediate MediCal as well. Free College because their parent is on SSI. Assistance Rebate checks for Homeowner's Property Taxes/Renter's Assistance Refund at the End of Each Year. Free Braces on the Teeth. They are able to get DiVinci Porcelin Veneers Now and InVisiline Braces. Free/Gratis. Since they are many of them already on CalWorks, they will proceed directly to Social Security Offices to get on SSI. It is beyond easy to get on SSI. The fastest growing reason for people getting on SSI in 2007 is????? Mental Other...Depression, Anxiety. ADHD. Remember, Kids can collect SSI too..At age 18 they will have an Adult Review, most continue on for the rest of their lives on the SSI. YOU NEVER, HAVE HAD TO WORKED A SINGLE DAY/MINUTE IN YOUR LIFE FOR SSI...Look around on the 1st of the Month..Do you see ton's of people with HandiCap Plates and Hangers??? Do they look rather Poor? More than likely they are not on Social Security at all. They are on SSI. It is growing like wildfire and will bust the Government Bank after Amnesty. I grew up in LA and I can tell you, I know exactly what's coming in early 08' 09' with this Amnesty. SSI-Supplemental Security Income Mania. This is a Title XIV not a Title II. There's nothing going IN, just coming OUT.
No Balance. And, If I recall, the Kennedy/McCain Bill allowed Illegals using stolen Social's to receive a Lump Sum Refund of ALL the money paid into Social Security and Medicare, Back. Your talking a huge sum of money! We will go broke by 2012. There's not going to be any money left for anybody. Watch for the long lines, then you will know. Here are 2 Very Important things to remember about SSI people--->>> They can 'OWN' Free and Clear a Home of ANY Value and still get SSI. YOU CANNOT SUE AN SSI. Just try and do it!! If their property is NOT in their name i.e. on the DEED, you will not get a penny. They can run you down and carry ZERO Insurance and you will not get a penny. The court will side with them as pitiful disabled, and pay not a penny of their DUI fine, YOU JUST TRY AND SUE THEM, you will see, not a penny. And, I see a guy that is on SSI for Cronic Alcoholism and he ran down a Ballet Dance Teacher for the School District and her Chinese Adopted Daughter, and they sued him, and got NOT A PENNY. He's still driving. He just got a Free HUD Apartment with a nice expensive Hospital Bed for FREE, paid and has paid NOT A PENNY of his DUI Fines, and he's as drunk and happy as a millionaire, and laugh's to the Bar every 1st of the Month with $888 in TAX FREE MONEY. Get Ready Tax Payers and Everyone for that matter, it is coming, Amnesty, and 20-40 qualifying for GRATIS SSI Money with C.O.L.A.'s all worked into the State of California Budget! That's why the California Budget is cut,cut,cutting Schools, Teacher's and State Park's, SSI...

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Anon

Not many people go back this far into my blog. I'm impressed.

I totally agree with you and could add a lot more to the story to make it even more absurd from a personal level.

I'm going to republish this in the near future, and or maybe rewrite it. It's a real financial time bomb.

Thank you for your comments

Anonymous said...

I live in a little mountain community of 256 in Northern California. About 240 of these people up here live solely on SSI/SSP. They combine living with other SSI/SSP and are able to afford large house payments this way. That is a very popular way of illegals owning expensive California homes. If you have 1 head of household on SSI/SSP, all the kids, wife, and other relatives like parents even under age 65, all get a check-in-the-box. I know I have to deliver them.
So, don't clown around jim in san marcos and play games that illegals don't get SSI, because they do.
Also, are the people up here that never worked a single day in their lives and own a free & clear property on 5 to 26 acres and live solely on SSI/SSP.
I get laughed at 6 evenings a week for working.
These people KNOW their Entitlements, and they have a 'Kegger' party each time someone get's qualified and recieves their 'WindFall' Lump Sum Payment in the THOUSANDS. They need to pay that down, called 'Spend Down' so their money at hand does not go over $2,000 for a single person.
Most if not All these SSI's up here went Straight from CalWorks to SSI/SSP. They either got Morbidly Obese or Became a toothless 'Tweaker' and now have Depression, Anxiety, Lard Bottom, Psyrosis of the Liver or some disorder that qualifies them for SSI/SSP. They get 'Free Legal Aid' form the multitudes of Lawyers Specializing in 'Getting You, Your Supplemental Security Benefits', it's all a chain of schemes.
I have watch these 'disabled' SSI's for 10 years now, put new roof's on their Paid for homes, go flying across in their Boats, lay a foundation for their pal that got their 'windfall' check from SSI, cut and prune trees, all at the same time, saying, "I cannot ever WORK!, I have a BAD BACK!""
They Just get fatter and fatter and more and more Tweeked Up on Meth. Most grow Mary=Jane hydroponically or on their private property in the mountains of California on their 200 plus acreage.
They pay, not a penny of taxes.
They only care which President hopeful is going to give MORE to the SSI/SSP Program.
They are breaking the Back of the State of California in the new Budget, that is Cutting, Teachers, Schools, State Parks and many other problems and programs that really truely need the funds. But, they need to give it all to the 'Pot Bellied' Porkers that Suck this SSI program like a Hog to a Troff!
There's NEVER any kind of investigation when there's a complaint about one of these SSI's. The REVIEWS is a piece of paper that about every 5 to 10 years that Social Security sends the reciever of the SSI check's to Check the Box. They can LIE up a storm and NOTHING will ever change, the check-in-the-box is Always there!
Don't ever try and sue an SSI. You will get NOTHING.
NONE of my neighbors on SSI, carry a penny of Auto Insurance. Don't need to. Why? Because when you go to sue them for slamming into you drunk, you won't get a penny.
SSI Supplemental Security Income check's are UNTOUCHABLE, NO WAY CAN YOU ATTACH A SSI CHECK EVER!
You can attach a lien on their property, but you will never get a penny. Why? Because they don't have to sell their property to pay you, and if they don't that Judgement will just sit there for years and years gathering dust. They just say this little/big word 'Hardship'. And Poof! No Collections possible.
So, this guy up here with no license ran down a Dance Teacher for the School system. Oh, he was arrested, released on an O.R., and never went back to court. They came up and picked him up, he was Tried, he had a Public Defender, the lady all crippled WON! But, She cannot collect a penny, you cannot attach an SSI check. He at that time had just put his share of a property into the other SSI people in the house, so he got off Scott Free. And, a few months ago HUD stepped up and gave the poor SSI drunkard guy a nice Free Apartment with a nice new Medical Bed and an IHSS worker that shops for him and drives him around and cleans up for him, all paid for by MY Tax Payer Dollars.
Take the current $888 per month and multiply that by several people in the same house, worth $750,000 and you have a hefty house payment, to FHA of course, that is the kind way to give FHA to low-income's ya' know.
Then, add to that, Work Under The Table, and Poof! a real nice house payment.
These people also get low-income homeowners property tax assistance as well.
They get their homes cleaned by low wage workers while they sit and eat and watch tv.
They can afford to go to the Casino every month. And that's all that is in the Casino up here, SSI's.
This is the Stupidist Entitlement I have ever seen.
Free Medical, Free Dental and Braces, Free College, Free everything for the SSI's.
They are all Masters of Scheme.
They know it and laugh at people that work, as we toil to figure out how we will drive to work and pay even MORE taxes, THEY DON"T HAVE TO WORRY, THEY DON'T PAY ANY TAXES!
The real Easy Life, Paid for Home, Boat in the Driveway, Big Truck and Camper, Recliner Chair, Wide-Screen TV, Top of the Line Computers, everyone in the family gettin' a check each month Guarenteed! The Life of Riley on SSI!
I would LOVE to have this Entitlement go flat Broke, it would be the best thing in the US to me. Watching these fraud fatso tweekers have to get out and do dishwashing or fast food work to get food for their big giant gutts.

Anonymous said...

Person, up above me here, Illegals once Legalized will flood the Social Security Administration Offices all over the US.
They will form lines around the Blocks to get on this SSI Gravy Train. Just wait see!
I know what they do, and they LOVED CalWorks,until the 5 year lifetime limit, they will RUN AS FAST AS POSSIBLE TO GET THEIR SSI,
At 'A-L-L' Ages then!

dvd said...

What the U.S. needs is a fiscal debate. The coming months will see heated election discussions about near-term deficits, interest rates, discretionary spending rules, or guidelines for tax cuts. But if we are serious, the policy conversation must turn quickly to entitlements. We can restrain the growth of government and improve the viability of our entitlement programs at the same time.
California DUI

Anonymous said...

Hi folks, it's always good to see people that truely care about our countrys well being, future, and especially that you care about drunk drivers and getting them stopped!
We now have our Liberal Pres-elect who's busy dealing with appointments and Illinois gutter politician thuggary!
I am not quite sure if the COLA scheduled for Jan.,1st, 2009 for the SSP portion paid by the State of California is going to happen or not?
I know Obama promised to "help" the Governors of struggeling States, and that's ALL of them except for 1!
There's rumblings that Obama has met with McAmnesty about rallying the rest of the GOP to come together for a Bi-Partisian passage of a 'non-comprehensive Immigration reform Bill'.
There's just so much money and time for this system to go on before it Emplodes.
Does anyone else get this feeling that maybe, just maybe, that is what he (O), wants?!?!
I mean, if someone wanted to completely Socialize a Nation, what better way then to destroy the entire Economic structure from within....
The title of this blog is really accurate, The Great Depression of 2006.
Even if it was not apparent to All Americans in 06' it will be sometime in the near future..
Went to the store last evening to pick up something, kinda' late, as the overtime hours are heavier during the Holidays, and I'm going to get them as much as possible.
Anyways, I got my small amount, ahm, with Cash, and saw this illegal lady getting all these specialty items from the Deli.
She paid with her, EBT card, walked outside, and then the 'exchange' took place.
She 'gave' the food she got with her EBT card to her friend or sister in exchange for something she was handed and quickly put in her purse!
I think I know what it was, but I still have a tiny bit of wishing it was not what I am pretty sure it was...Ya, know what I mean.
So, they trade their EBT benefits of food for 'things' other than food from people.
I learn more about the Entitlement system every day!

Anonymous said...

Since Obama insists cuts to Social Security & Medicare to those that worked and paid.
I thought I would UPDATE you on the Real Fact that Illegals DO collect SSI & SSP, and in California since SSI got a COLA it's up to $907 per Individual and $1,560 per couple.
Here is a link that EXPLAINS how the illegals get SSI & SSP.,2933,79013,00.html
In Taiwan these 65 year olds already KNOW full well about how to Apply & Qualify for SSI & SSP.
Read that link about 'PRUCOL aliens' and the book: 'What you Need to Know About Life in America', it get's re-edited when a law is added to taken away.
It is true, their 'children' that live here or someone else signs up as their 'Sponsor' and therefore, their 65 year old Parents CAN and DO collect.
Anyone of any age can come here with a Sponsor and collect it!
You may have not found it because of the way your Googling it or trying to read the SSI & SSP handbood.
I will come back and add more links as this is going to become a very heavy issue in the very near future since Obama spoke of his 'Cuts' January 2009.

Anonymous said...

Here's 2 links that will prove it.

OR, just Google this--> PRUCOL illegal

Anonymous said...

Here is the current CAPI benefits for now.
Correct, the SSP portion is un-fundable for the COLA that was asked for in the State of Cali budget.
The SSI Federal did get theirs, they do every year get their COLA.
But, it took 25 years for Seniors to get an increase for Social Security!
Assembly Bill (AB)1279
I was off by $9.00. An illegal couple coming here from anywhere can collect $1,569.
If they are 65 OR any age with a Sponsor.
Their own child can be their Sponsor.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree on alot of things I have read about some getting SSI. I get it myself , but I don't get anything like I see these other people. I was shot 3 times by now a ex-husband. I had a daughter 16 , she didn't get anything like I have read about these others drawing ssi because of there parents. I felt she was old enough to work , but there never said anything about her. I didn't nor do I get foodstamps now. I have always bought my food and had to move in with my father. My mother died with cancer 4 months before I was shot. He served 27 months in prison and rents out everything I worked for all my life and don't pay taxes because he has it in others names.A friend has mr on there family phone plan. I don't drink , which I see alot of people that park in hadicap places can get around better than I can and are drunks or drug dealers. These people I think they should do sometimg about and people that just come over here and draw a check. I use to have a beauty shop for 24 years , until he shot me in my back , head and hand. I rather have my shop back than draw the small amount I draw. It's hard to live off of 600.00 a month. But I look that I am blessed , it could be worse.